Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some Outfits...

Awhile back I said I was going to share some outfits I wore.  I've been posting some on instagram just for fun.  The pictures themselves are pretty horrible self portraits, but I didn't have anyone to take them and I am much too lazy to get out my tripod, and do the old timer on the DSLR.  A lot of these are things I've found at the thrift store.  Actually in the past few months I've pretty much replaced my wardrobe with fun things I've found.  If you're in Spokane, the downtown Goodwill is the place to find clothes!
 This sweater I found at Union Gospel Mission on Boone for $6.00.  I love it and it's a lot like my anthro one at the bottom of this post.  The belt is from my friend Ames, I love it, it's so cool!  The leather boots are from Bandolino, and the socks are from Target, skinny jeans from Gap.

 Luna loving her little baby, sporting some Wal-Mart jeggings, a cute hand me down sweater from Gap and a onesie with a birdie appliqued and hand stitched from a friend.  The chair was a shower gift from some friends.
 My mom spotted this ugly, yet great horse sweater in Minnesota at a thrift ship.  It's kinda ugly, but cool and I dig it.

 horses, horses, horses- name that movie- it's You've Got Mail I think, she sings that, or is it Sleepless in Seattle
 Ok, I'm really proud of this shirt I found for Sam.  It is in my opinion the perfect band shirt.  You know, for a concert when the guys are trying to look cool, but trying to look like they didn't even think about their outfit, even though they spent an hour figuring out just the right shirt.  I didn't know if he would like it, but he did love it- score!  This was found at Windfall, a thrift store just around the corner from us on Perry St.
 Here is a sweater I got for Christmas for Ann Taylor and some fun socks with pom poms that I bought at Target a few years ago.
 Here are some more Christmas gifts.  Shirt from Gap, scarf from Forever 21, jeans are Lucky I found at a consignment shop.  They are so comfy, and long!
 Here is one of three skirts I hemmed over Christmas.  I lopped off 8 inches on each of them and now I have some classic wool skirts.  I thrifted the sweater from Goodwill.  The purple tights are from Ross I think.
 Here is the outfit that clashes according to my sisters, I don't care  The blue shirt is thrifted from the Union Gospel Mission in the Valley.  The green pants are from Gap and are years old!
 I'm obsessed with rings, and I love vintage buttons so I had to get this.  I got it at an antique shop in Hopkins, MN over Christmas.
 This shirt is thrifted from Goodwill.
 Here is the second skirt I hemmed.  The shirt is smartwool, and the belt is from Forever 21
 This shirt I bought when I was pregnant at a thrift store near Sandpoint, ID.  I had no idea if it would fit me, I don't love it.  Luna's shirt is vintage and from a thrift store.  It has smocking on the top, I love it.

I love these cozy fleece jammies that Luna has.  They are Carters.

 Here is my girl's idea of necklaces.  Whenever I do laundry she always seems to steal my underwear and layers several pairs over her neck!
 I love this Gap shirt that I found brand new with the tags from Union Gospel Mission
Here is skirt #3 that I hemmed.  This one used to be my grandma's, I love that I can still wear it today!

 Luna's dress is this sweet vintage one that a lady from our church gave her.  I love it!

 Here she is being soooo silly!

 This is an Anthropologie sweater that I got majorly on sale.  I think it was a $200 sweater I got for about $40.  The shoes are Minnetonka Moccasins, and I would love to buy a mini pair for Luna.
There you have it folks, some bad phone pics of my quirky outfits!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's Day

I have so much to share.  I have been loving my iphone.  It makes it so much easier to snap quick moments.

During the day I went with my friend Courtney shopping at The Vintage Rabbit and Spencer's.  We had a good time.  I'll share some photos in a separate post on all the little treasures I've recently acquired.

Our Valentine's Day was spent scraping the vinyl paper off of our closet.  We hired someone to refinish our hardwood floors and that was the best decision.  We are doing everything else ourselves, but we were in over our heads with the floors, so we knew it would be worth it to hire a professional.  Every night we had "homework" last week to stay a step ahead of Jim (our floor guy)
my etsy order from tboo
picture stolen from Courtney from Monday's Sugar Cookie Decorating Party
Luna is into giving kisses lately and it's so sweet!  Audrey practicing being a big sister to a little one!

 I love hanging out with my friends.  The kids all had a great time decorating sugar cookies and playing the day before Valentine's day at Chelle's house.
 This is a silly little vignette I did from some rejects that never sold in my etsy shop.
Here is my little cutie!
I wanted to make a nice Lobster dinner, but since I spent the day out shopping and was totally exhausted from staying up way too late scraping- we decided on the Arby's drive thru on Valentine's day.
 Here is the closet that we finished scraping on Valentine's day.

Here we are...                                                
looking tired...
but happy...
and crazy...
laying on the floor out of exhaustion, and because I was loving the newly sanded floors, and so I could snap some before shots of the ceiling before we added texture.  I don't think I got any before shots, or during my popcorn ceiling removal.  That was a mess!
And here are our sweet little Valentine's:
Here is the dinner we ate the day after Valentine's Day, and the pretty bouquet that Sam picked up for me.  I must add that he picked out the flowers himself and got them from a florist.  I usually get grocery store flowers (not that you can ever complain about getting flowers, but these ones were a little prettier!)  I love that he knows me and knows that I love gerbera daisies and dahlias more than red roses!  And I love that he went to a florist, because they suggested adding some flowers with a nice fragrance- pretty and good smelling!

My first time trying mashed cauliflower, Sam loved it, I thought it could be better.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Major House Work

Right now I'm feeling the best kind of tired.  The tired that comes from working so hard for so long- but actually produced big results.  It's been a whirlwind the last 6 days!  My friends Amy and Chelsea and Amy's mom- Julie all flew out here for a week to purely revamp the downstairs apartment of our duplex home.  I haven't said a whole lot about it on this blog.  We had to evict the previous tenants and it was really ugly and the place was left a bit of a disaster.  I knew there was potential, but with a one year old, and a husband who works a lot we were moving at a snail's pace.  It felt like we would never get done.  And there were some projects that I physically and mentally couldn't tackle, like cleaning the fridge and the kitchen cabinets.  I am so blessed to have friends fly out here just to help us.  They were so generous, beyond words.  We also had family and friends watch Luna so we could all work.

It was crazy.  There were blood, sweat, and tears from the last 6 days.  We stayed up until 3 or 4 a couple of nights.  Julie surpassed us all and did a complete all nighter.  We were fighting.  Amy is my best friend.  We have lived together, we know each other too well.  We are too much alike.  We both are completely stubborn, and we both have a need to be right all the time.  Amy gets things done.  She is a hard worker.  One of the hardest workers I know and she has skills.  She knows what she's doing.  She isn't quite as much of a perfectionist as me, and this can bug me sometimes.  But she does a better job at getting things done than I do.  She was our pro paint roller.  And she cleaned the fridge.  I love her.  I can get so mad at her, but I love her.  And one day I'm going to win- we never had the arm wrestle rematch we had planned!

Chelsea came too.  I met Chelsea a few times when Amy was in college and really got to know her during Amy's wedding.  She is so much fun.  I love her.  She is also a hard worker and she is so strong.  She cleaned some nasty nasty stuff!  She learned some new skills and did an amazing job.  She did a little bit of everything.  She cleaned the kitchen cabinets and basically completely crawled into the cabinets.  She made us do push ups every morning.  I thought scrubbing 3 very textured ceilings with a rag was enough of a workout- but these girls say no excuses.  She can do 35 push ups.  We're talking real ones.  I  can do 15 pathetic ones, and only 6 decent ones with good form.  Sam showed us he could do 40 and he can still rock the one handed push up.  Amy can do 25.  Julie didn't really participate.  But she outworked all of us young whipper snappers and always started working earlier than us and always stayed up later.

Julie.  What can I say.  I love her, but she is cra cra.  She is so generous with her time and money.  She pulled an all nighter and worked nonstop on the kitchen cabinets.  She always read a devotion at meal time.  She asked two bored workers at Lowe's to be our personal shoppers.  They listened to us and walked through the whole store getting us what we needed.  Julie is the ultimate dumpster diver.  She spotted a little picnic table and outdoor car for free to pick up for Luna.

 I didn't know which knob I should go with so I picked up one of each at Hobby Lobby to try and pick!
 Sam is going crazy and starting to strip some of the molding.  That is a big job.
 Here is the ultra nasty refrigerator.

We fought, we laughed, we drank some wine, and beer.  We had a dance party.  We had a fight.  We watched several episodes of Parenthood.  We had good talks.  We listened to so much music.  We had devotions.  We prayed.  It was awesome.  I always wanted to be on an HGTV show and I think we have enough of a sob story (almost) to get on Extreme Makeover.  But I would never want to be on that show because I like to decorate and work and I would love to do the design work and the physical work.  They always whisk you away on those shows.  I now know why they always get so emotional.  It is such a transformation.  It feels like OUR house now.  Even though I threw a party down there, part of it was still gross.  It still needed a lot of cleaning.  I was tired.  We needed the help.  It was good for us to let go of control and accept help for once.  Sam and I are quick to help others, but we have trouble accepting help and admitting when we need it.  God was working on both of us during this time.  I had some convicting moments.  Moments when I knew I was so mean- why do I focus on the little tiny problem instead of seeing the big picture and being thankful?  Why do I need to be right.  Why do Sam and I always think we need to do everything on our own?  This was so good for us on many levels.  Sam just told me today that it all turned out better than he thought.  He's too sweet to admit it, but he was nervous to let 4 women take over.  He said that he was impressed that everyone knew what they were doing and were good at it.

While they were here we completely painted every surface with Kilz paint, after scrubbing every surface with TSP.  We took down all the upper kitchen cabinets and painted color in every room.  2 bedrooms, the dining room, living room and kitchen.

Update: I wrote this right after they left on Jan 17.  Right now we are stripping the entryway getting ready for the wood floors to be refinished.  I'll share more soon!