Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Random Road Trip to Ripon

My dear friend Amy and I had a random Monday off and we thought it would be fun to meet somewhere. I was recently inspired by Tracy Porter, I picked up her amazing book from the library. I had a whole stash of decorating/artsy books and I couldn't put this one down. It was too funny that this amazingly artistic woman was born and raised in none other than Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The irony is that my grandpa lived not too far from there, the whole area consists of tiny towns surrounded by farms. I have fond memories of going to the flea market in Princeton, Wisconsin's largest you know. So I was on a quest to discover her and how she got so big. You really need to check out the link to her web page and look at her stuff. C Read her story and watch the Tracy TV clip. Go ahead, do it and tell me you're not amazed. The book shares her most inspiring rags to riches tale. She just went with her gut, dreamed big, started out small, worked her butt off and it paid off big time! I love the story that they bought this old farm and they had no heat, they slept in the chicken coop and covered their paints with an electric blanket to keep them from freezing at night. She now is known world wide and has a line she designs of everything: from rugs to tea cups to pillows. She is such an inspiration to me! Someday, someday!

So I knew of this small town and figured it wouldn't be too hard to track her down. Everyone has to know who she is. I figured she at least had a shop where I could go to and talk to someone for info., ideas, and inspiration. Well, these ladies at a little yarn shop knew all about her. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a cute shop, they were hoping that soon she would open an outlet store for her stuff. So they just have a big factory for producing this stuff. We weren't too sad because it turned out to be the most perfect day. We had loads of fun browsing smelly antique stores. (I can't believe how much I'm turning into my parents! I hated being forced to go antiquing as a kid!) Small towns are so charming. We found some cute aprons, I scored some glass fruit, and vintage recipe booklets,Ames got a sweet umbrella.(You'll find us sporting these items on the pic in front of the antique sign) We're also sporting our matching Reduce, Reuse, Recycle shirts in another pic! Check out my hot model friend, Ames posing against the wall. We took lots of fun pics and spent time catching up at a coffee shop. We will definitely return again. I love how you go on a journey expecting one thing, and end up experiencing something completely different, but fantastically wonderful!

About the scrapbooking:
Here are some pages I did using Funky Vintage, a new line of products from Making Memories (I sound so professional, don't I) I like to pretend :) I love the papers, they fit the pics perfectly. You probably can't tell, but the brown part of the paper is velvet. I had so much fun playing with some of the stuff I've been acquiring. I coated the p in trip with clear UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel) I painted it pink first and then used a couple coats of UTEE. The d was coated with liquid applique, and painted it green. Liquid applique is a fun product, you heat it up and it puffs and bubbles right before your eyes. I also used the new big grommet tool for the o's, not so new, but new to me! For the R in Ripon I used a transparency and covered it with swirly rub ons and painted the edges, the P in Ripon is using crystal lacquer, I wish you could feel the p, it's smooth and plasticy, you have a hard time pulling your finger away. Sorry I'm getting carried away on a two page layout, but I am so excited that all of these weird products I've been stashing are finally getting used.
Have an inspiring day everyone and live out your dreams!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Picnic in the Park

Of course the camera died right after I took a few pictures of the food. We had yummy chicken salad sandwiches on New French Bakery bread. I looooove their bread. So no cute anniversary pictures of the two of us. I also made a wedding cake recently. It was a very simple cake. I'll post more often! Take care!


I guess I should be more consistent with my blogging. These pictures were taken by Sam. I'm working on a little book inspired by Johnny Cash. I've been everywhere man. I'm excited because I bought a bunch of new things that I have been searching for. Using that old distressed look. I have been horrible with my art cards, I will have to take some pictures and update those.

The flowers are from Sam. He gave them to me on Monday to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary. I had to work that day, but after work we got some things and had a nice little picnic in the park. Sam is giving me a Bible (I still have to pick out one I like) and he gave me a little summer bathrobe. I love bathrobes and slippers. I'm usually a practical gal and I don't need a ton of clothes, but I could have a million bathrobes and slippers. Spring came too quickly for me to post about my slipper addiction. I'll save it for a rainy day. Sam also continues to try to keep me organized. He bought me a new wallet, as my old one is bursting at the seams. I laugh because it's not the wallets fault, it's the owner. Even if I have the best organizational device, I'll find a way to fill it up and mess it up. Bless Sam's heart for continuing to try with me. I would have given up a long time ago. I gave him some speakers. I think he'll like them. The poor guy plays the bass and can't even hear the bass line on the built in speakers on this computer.

Have a good day everyone!