Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Go Lucky

This movie made me laugh so hard. I love Poppy, she's eccentric and funny. If you have netflix you can watch it instantly. Has anyone else seen this?

Pow in the Sky

The snow is flying, you know what this means

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A little quote I like on an old school chalkboard I picked up at a barn sale this summer.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coffee Cup Sleeve

This is a good warm up project to get you in the mood for knitting. The pattern is free- right here. It's a quick one, even for me the slow knitter. I was tempted to throw a felt fall leaf on it, I'm obsessed, but decided a little crocheted flower was better (and no, I don't crochet- that one came from my thrifted stash).

Here is a little sneak at one of the things I'll be selling at the Central Valley High School craft fair on Nov. 7 and 8.
I'm thankful for excedrin migraine- it's a lifesaver. I'm thankful that the sun is shining today. I'm thankful that these deer like to hang out and keep me company when I'm washing the dishes.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Embroidery Trio

I couldn't help squeezing in a few more fall items in the shop.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Good Day

Tuesday was such a good day. I am convinced God is good. He puts these things in our life that we never would expect. It's been a bit of a rocky year. But now God has put me in this place with new people and new chances.

I had the best conversation with a new friend. As much as I appreciate my friends lending their shoulder and support of my crazy aspirations, it's so great to talk to someone who can relate and knows exactly what you mean.

I am feeling inspired. I've taken a few more steps to getting more professional and have a few projects in the works that I'm really anticipating. I finally have an idea for a business card. I bought a domain, I'm not sure if I even want or need a website, but I guess it's nice to know it's an option. I've been reading Craft Inc. It's a good one about getting your crafty business going.

Now the discipline. I've got to keep truckin, keep following through, not give up, not care if it looks a little weird from the outside.

Full Swing

Christmas crafting is in full swing. I have deadlines and a show only 2 weeks away. These silly tubes are apron strings waiting to be ironed. I'm trying to assembly line them. (I'm not the speediest seamstress) But it does get better in time, you know what they say.

Christmas items are starting to pop up in my etsy shop. My advent calendars are back. I'm going to have a fall sale later this week to make room for Christmas, stay tuned.

I've probably been inhaling too many spraypaint fumes. Ah, but nothing is more satisfying than turning a humdrum pale gold dresser into a playful tangy tangerine! Blue lagoon, smoked paprika, key lime and cherry red spray paint gave my drab, stale picture frames a second life. They're waiting to be turned into chalkboards, calendars, and towel holders.

Sam and I are going to work on a big set up display this weekend. I am so excited for this craft fair. I've got big dreams of a bright cheerful set up- think Heather Bailey meets Anna Marie Horner. I look forward to sharing more pictures soon!

I hope you can squeeze in a little time this week for being creative, it's so worth it! Happy Wednesday!

Is there anything you would love to see in my shop for Christmas? I'd love to hear some ideas.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Date Night

Sam and I went on a real date last night. It was so much fun to get all dressed up and go out. We had salmon and duck and even ordered drinks! We saw Ben Folds with the Symphony at the Fox. It was a great show. I just love the symphony, and I'm so glad they play with popular artists because Sam enjoys it too! Ah, Ben can rock the piano! He played my favorite love song (The Luckiest). He also played a funny one written about Levi Johnston (Sarah Palin's daughters boyfriend) We got a flat tire on the way to the restaurant, but Sam changed it in no time.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Wreath

Here is the other fall wreath I made. I never thought I'd be the wreath making type of crafter! I don't know what's happening- either A) I'm turning more momish or B) It's now cool to craft wreaths. I'm afraid I might know which one it is, either way I'm embracing it- the wreath making was fun! Don't worry, you're not going to catch me at Michaels stockpiling the artificial flowers, then I will know I have gone too far!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We also headed to the pumpkin patch the same day we picked apples. Here is our perfect pumpkin.
Align Center

I love Cinderella pumpkins
We also got to pick the last of the raspberries. They had the yummy white ones!
I also got a gourd. I plan on carving it and doing something cool with it. I love going to Green Bluff because I always learn something new. I learned all about the Hawaiian technique used to decorate gourds and all the other fun options.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Time For Knitting

pboto by pixlkitten

As usual, I'm probably way in over my head on this one. I really want to make this, but I'll use warmer colors, maybe dark brown, olive, and some deep burnt orange colors. The reason I feel like it's doable is because it's broken down into several separate squares. It's getting cold and something needs to go on the needles. I would love to work on this with some other people, so we'll see.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Rock Climbing

This is the second one we attempted. It was hard- very hard!
Here is Neal, using all his height to stretch. He was belaying- he kept me from dying!
Here is Sam, my husband. He has forearms of steel, just like Marlboro Man. He didn't like to use his legs climbing, he mainly used his arms. This was his first time climbing.

Here I am. Yes, it was a long way up. I was nervous at first. But once I got up it was all good!
Here's Dan: He just shot up there in no time without a word.
And here is Caleb, our lead climber extraordinaire. He made it look so easy. I don't think I'll ever have the guts to lead climb.

I didn't think I needed one more hobby. I had no idea how many good spots there are in Spokane to climb. I just love climbing- it's so awesome and exhilirating. Now the plan is to get the gear and learn. I love it, it's so much fun!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Apple Pickin'

The Winter Banana Apple- it's my favorite. Definitely the prettiest!
Sam is home now and we decided to head out to Green Bluff for some apple picking. We had the best time talking to the Hanson's and learning the history of their farm. We got the low down on the best apples that keep the longest through the winter. There are so many varieties. We sampled some fresh pressed grape cider and cherry cider. We bought some hearty 7-grain cereal from Montana. We saw how much Ginger has grown. It was a great fall day.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I just revisited this blog I hadn't looked at in awhile. This is one crazy family who travels all over the place. I saw this video on her blog and was touched, thought I'd share. These kids are so gorgeous, it breaks my heart to think of all the kids out there without a family to love them.


We look so young- really was this four years ago already, crazy?
I'm thinking of making a blurb book of these pics. I have hundreds and maybe 10 were printed for one little scrapbook. I don't know how photographers sift through all their photos to pick good ones. Oh- you should see the terrible ones of us in our cheap sunglasses, it's so funny how quickly things become so dated. I also realize that I'm wearing this blue fleece thing that I have worn on any trip- camping or travel for the past 5 years- it's still going strong!

Apparently if I don't blog for a week, my family thinks I'm dead- so sorry family- I'm not dead!

It has been a good week. Our church had a community dinner on Tuesday and I helped cook for it. I was nervous about cooking for a big group, it's been so long- but it all went fine. There was a group of people here helping from a bible college so it was great to all join together to get the food out on the table.

It was good talking to other young people discussing what it's like searching to figure out and discover gifts and passions. It was inspiring to see people right out of high school really want to do ministry. We agreed that it seems it doesn't matter at all what you do- there can be ministry in anything. Their program seems really interesting. They are learning about community development and intercultural leadership. They will be heading to Guatemala for a few months.

I am itching to go somewhere far far away. I would love to head back to Guatemala. I don't know what it is I'm just craving some sort of adventure- trying to figure out what that is right now. I'm finally getting my passport updated to my married name.

I did some cleaning up outside with some people at church. It's great getting to know new people. It was an awesome fall day- perfectly sunny and just enough chill in the air to warrant grabbing a sweatshirt. I do love working outside.

And I'll just throw this out there- yes the whole maternal itch thing is starting to happen. Why is that so hard for me to share with the world? Yeah, after seeing the last video I posted it probably doesn't surprise anyone. For so long I wasn't ready at all. Now I feel it doesn't matter if all the ducks aren't in a row. Hmm, was this a mistake? I will probably regret sharing that after every phone call to my sister results in "are you pregnant?" as the first words out of her mouth. She did that last year for awhile until I convinced her nothing was happening on that front! So please don't ask- I'm just sayin- I will probably have a baby before I'm 30- ok! :)

I'll be 26 next month- that's closer to 30 than 20- that's a weird feeling.

Sam has been gone for a week. Oh, I've missed him. It's really pathetic but I have trouble sleeping without him here. He's coming back tonight I think! Yay!