Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween

 While we were out in Denver for my friend's wedding she surprised us with this gnome outfit.  And the Everyone Poops book and the little knit shawl.
 I think this is her halloween outfit, I need to still make sure it fits and make it a little more girly by adding some pink and flowers.

 Here are two silly ones, this could pass for halloween too.  It cracks me up!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Glacier Park

 I didn't realize till I saw these how much I'm looking like a hippie again.  Yeah, the hair is so bad- it's to the point that I may have to trim it before I go to get it cut, just because I'm so embarrassed by how bad my split ends are!  I'm thinking about bangs.
Yes, that flat section is the road back there, no shoulder whatsoever one slip and you would be off the road flipping over the cliff.  I would cringe every time a car would pass by in the other direction, I always felt like I was going to hit the car!

We went to Glacier National Park over Labor Day weekend.  We left Sunday at 1 pm and stayed overnight.  We had been wanting to go and it isn't that far away, maybe a 5 hour drive.  It is gorgeous and it's a huge park.  We stayed at a dumpy hotel- it would have been more fun to camp, but we didn't have our act together.  We bought an annual pass, so we will be back and next time we plan on taking the van and camping.  The trip was mainly spent in the car driving.  I did most of the driving.  The first picture proves Luna was with us, she slept for most of the trip!  We drove the going to the sun road, it is an amazing road, very steep and narrow- it was a white knuckle drive for sure.  It was good to get away- as our life was so crazy then.  Being outside in gorgeous surroundings always puts me back in a good mood.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Apple Picking

It's that time of year, or almost past that time of year.  We had a late summer, so I was late in picking apples.  Greenbluff is my favorite place to visit.  I look forward to going to Hansen's Orchard and picking apples every year.  Sam has to go away for work this weekend, so he got off early today and we had a lovely afternoon.  We had lunch at the Alpine Bistro on Monroe Street.  I had a yummy chicken pot pie.  It was so nice to see my husband in the middle of the day for once!  He has been working a lot lately, and we have been busy getting things done around our house, so we haven't spent much time doing fun things.  It is so rejuvenating!

This fall has been sunny and gorgeous, but today got a little nippy.  Nothing to complain about, but chilly-yes.

Our Little Luna bug had so much fun today.  She was just giggling away.  The cold weather didn't bother her one bit!  I think she must be the happiest baby on the planet!  The trees were the perfect stroller height, those apples were on there tight, it took some work, but she got them and she knew what to do with them right away.  She wasted no time in shoving them straight in her mouth!