Thursday, August 25, 2011

On Faith

Hmm, what to write, what to write?  Well life has been a little hard lately.  We haven't been able to live in the house that we bought a few months ago.  I have been spending time reading books and having chats with lawyers.  I do know that God is here and I have faith in Him.  It's not always easy when things aren't going your way.  I have been stressing, but everytime I start to feel sorry for myself I say a little prayer and ask for strength and comfort.  Sure, I complain and am stressed out and I don't really know why this has to be happening to us, but I do know that I have been met with the strength I need from God.  It's not like the stress of dealing with our problems goes away.  I still have to research it all and deal with this, but it has been more bearable.  I think I've only shed tears once, which is pretty remarkable for me.  Having a little dialog with God before I want to feel sorry for myself has been so good.  I still worry more than I should, I should trust more.  At least I know now that the more I trust the more at peace I feel.  I do know that in a few months we will be past this.  We will learn a lot and be much stronger.  One more chapter for the book of Becca and Sam's crazy adventure.  It seems that doing a conventional thing such as buy a house is a little more complicated for us.  I have been able to laugh at it all!  I do know that things could be so much worse.  We are all healthy and that is so good.  We aren't dying of starvation, we are safe.  Our life isn't going as we would have planned, but that's ok.  Hmm, sorry I can't really share more than that on here.  But I wouldn't be able to do a post showing that life is pretty and sweet right now.  In some ways it is, but behind the scenes we are dealing with a lot.  I am taking it one day at a time, and asking for patience.  Because the patience is starting to wear out.  Sam has been really swamped at work on top of this.  I do think our past experiences have made us more prepared for this.  And as Sam would say, we will definitely appreciate our house much more after all of this!