Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Business Card

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Early one morning we got the van out and I piled a bunch of furniture and junk on top of it and took some photos. Then Sam and I did some playing with it in illustrator and came up with this. I was going for the look that is on the cover of Away We Go, kinda cartoony/sketch like. We also got some shirts made with this image. I'll share soon! I'm excited to move forward with a little branding. I'm going to order a custom stamp with this image to stamp onto packages.

Hopefully this picture gives an idea of why we choose the name. Wanderlux, kinda like wanderlust, but we used our last name. And we definitely have wanderlust, that's for sure. And I'm not sure we'll ever be able to part with our beloved van!

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Belly Shot

at 20 weeks
I thought I'd post a picture now that I'm finally starting to show a little bit! We had an ultrasound last week. It was so fun to see the little baby! No, we didn't find out the gender, it will be a surprise. We got a video of the ultrasound and we're trying to edit it so we can post it on here. The 3-d part is so cute when you can see the baby scratch the little forehead and then suck on his/her thumb! We bought Away We Go, I love that movie, I laugh so hard watching it, my favorite is Allison Janey's character- she's the mom in Phoenix, AZ. We watched it last night outside on our back patio.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Perfect Summer Weekend

After the craziness of last weekend I was really looking forward to a nice relaxing time. It is finally feeling like summer around here.

Friday night we went to Manito Park for a free concert. They are going to be having free music every Friday evening at the Park Bench Cafe. Then we went for a walk and ran into some friends and walked and chatted and got some ice cream.

Saturday we went to the farmers market for the first time this season. We headed to the Liberty Lake one, because they were having a little art show, and I really like the Liberty Lake market. A new friend- Janessa was selling cute notebooks and journals with her signature handwriting. You can find them in her etsy shop right here. We met at the farm chicks (and as a fun side note her mom was Sam's kindergarten teacher!) And I got a little something from Anemone. I just love these guys. They were so cute with their whole family there.

Can you guess what these guys were selling? They had farm fresh beef and pictures of the cows!
Here is Janessa's booth
Here are some of Anemone's flowers
After the market we hit some garage sales. And I'll admit, I'm not sure if we can wait to find out if this baby is a boy or girl. I just want to know so I can shop!
I bought a few veggies, some cherries, and some herbs to plant. I couldn't walk past my dead pot of rosemary another day. I got some fun new herbs, along with the good old standbys. I got some pineapple sage, a new variety of cilantro that is fern like, and some purple basil. It always feels good to dig in the dirt.

Then we headed to Riverfront Park to see some friends play at Bobfest, sadly we were a little late. We made a nice big salad with all of our fresh veggies and ate outside on the front porch.

Sunday I laid in the sun and relaxed. We did some grilling and Sam had some buddies over to play some music. All in all a good weekend. And it's Monday and this sunny weather is continuing- yay!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


isn't jessica cute?

I was hungry, the first real meal in days!

Today I must share the after the show dinner at Chaps on Saturday night. I didn't know what to expect, but was blown away again by all the attention to the details. All the decorations just made you feel happy. It was a gorgeous evening. We were joking that we were living the life of rock stars all weekend (except rock stars get to sleep in don't they?) Celeste was sweet, the food was amazing. The decorations were magical. We got to chat with Courtney. It was a nice way to wind down a crazy day! Coutney has some great pictures of the inside of the new part of Chaps- the bakery if you want to check it out. If you haven't been to this restaurant you must go!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

All the Pretty Vendors

I have so many photos from this weekend. This is a marathon post that took forever to put together. I hope you take time to check out the links because everyone has such amazing stuff. I am updating all the other pictures of all the other booths on my flickr page right here. I'm trying to give credit, so if you see your booth or one you recognize let me know so I can link to the web site. I wish I would have had more time to shop and chat with other vendors. I could have stayed a week I think!

Here is Krys from Hutch Studio. She had the most darling little set up all out of cardboard. Jessica got one of her pieces for her new home. I wish we would have seen her booth fully stocked at the beginning of the show. She is a sweetie. And can you believe it- she manned her booth solo the whole time. We had 3 people and I felt like that was barely enough at times. The next time I'm in LaConner I'm checking out her shop. Check out her blog for more cool pics of this set up.I did manage to buy a piece of enamelware from the gorgeous collection of Big Ship Salvage. We got to chat with John and he's so funny! I'll post a pic later of my piece.
The girls from Carousel vintage clothing were so cute. One thing Jess and I noticed walking around is how everyone matched their booth. The style they wore is the style they like, I wish I had pics of everyone standing in front of their booth and you would see what I mean.
I'm pretty sure this is Cori's art. She is on the etsy team with me and sadly we didn't make this connection until after the show. I remember wanting to go back and buy one of these, I was in a hurry to get back to my booth when I walked by. Check out all of her amazing art on etsy.
I'm kicking myself that I didn't introduce myself to Debbie Kennedy of Retreat. Serena gave me her number and I chatted with her about the show. She was so sweet and nice and helpful and I was looking forward to meeting her and I just didn't get a chance. Maybe next year :( I'm sure you have seen pictures of their booth on other blogs. It was so calming and peaceful. They had a ton of pretty pieces.

Here is a photo I stole from Patricia's blog of her booth. She was our next door neighbor and so nice. Going into her booth was magical. She had fresh flowers and it made it feel like you were stepping into an enchanted little place. I loved that shade of blue she used. This picture doesn't do it justice, if you were there you would know. And you must check out her etsy shop because she's got gorgeous jewelry.
This is Orange Crush. They just have piles of awesome things. I bought a belt last year. They're right in the front.

My friend Courtney had a charming booth. It was so welcoming and inviting. I loved everything about it. And too bad I didn't get there earlier to shop, I loved her cherry blue little table and chairs! And that freezer-too cute!

Here are Serena's puffy clouds. She's got an amazing giveaway on her blog right now. You can come to Spokane and spend a night at the Davenport. You can also see Glam Garb in the background. I love their stuff. They hand dye vintage slips.
Here is our neighbor Tim and Lisa's booth: Blue Canoe. They are so creative. Their stuff is trend setting for sure. I feel like it's the stuff you will see at Anthropologie and Pottery Barn.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

After the Show

The farm chicks show was a blast. Thank you thank you to everyone who came out and shopped at our booth. I was blown away! It was so much fun meeting you all and chatting. And thank you Serena for putting on a fabulous show.

I am going to go back a little bit. The last few weeks have been crazy. On Wednesday we had some friends over and ordered pizza and worked on pricing.

Thursday was spent packing everything up, Jessica came over, yay!

Friday was the big set up day. Unfortunately it was pouring outside. This was our first time at the show and when we walked in with our first load to set up, panic set in. I felt completely intimidated. Everyone had really cool stuff, I didn't think we measured up. I tried to relax and just focus on the set up. That day flew by. We worked the whole day and just barely got set up in time. But this was the fun part, making it all look pretty.

Saturday was the day of the show. It was bright and sunny, a welcome change from all the rain. We had so much fun! We met so many great people. We loved our neighbors, they were so sweet. We had Blue Canoe across from us and TippyStockton was right next to us. They were all so sweet and had the greatest stuff. The imagination of everyone there is out of this world. The set ups are top notch. It was busy Saturday! I guess over 4,000 shoppers came on Saturday!

And Saturday night Celeste threw the greatest party. That is a whole other post. It felt like a wedding reception. It was so much fun! More pictures soon! I'm going to post pictures of other booths tomorrow. I'm also going to update my much neglected etsy shop this week.