Friday, March 14, 2008

Lamp project

Remember this?

Well, this is what I did with it:

We spray painted it white. I bought a lampshade at Ikea (I really wanted to make my own, but then I got antsy and practical, so I just bought it) and a little light kit. There was a hole through the center, so Sam had to scrape some of the plastic off, rewire and there you have it, new lamp!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring is in the Air

Daffodils! And a new, chipper outfit right off the target sale rack! $5 skirt + $13 sweater!

I had a wonderful day off yesterday. Here is what I'm enjoying lately:

*all the steals, deals, and finds (goodwill and target)
*buying some new art supplies (sponge, brayer, gel medium, silver glitter, white gel pen, canvas)
*discovering Pacific Coast Crafts (would like to take a class, but after Jess' story I'm a little hesitant. they offer a wide range of sweet classes things from upholstery, to Norwegian Hardonger to Amy Butler bags to Victorian style corset making. See why I'm a little leery?)
*baking fresh bread
*making microwave caramel corn
*basically eating unhealthy altogether

Now for the steals, deals, and finds:

I was looking for these after X-mas, but I didn't find any that fit me. My other slippers are getting quite ratty, so I was pleased to find these at Goodwill for $1.49

I've been drinking coffee all winter out of a green mug. Here is a more fresh, happy mug for spring ($0.49) sitting atop a saucer I found about a year ago in Eau Claire, not knowing what I would do with it, now they make a happy pair!

Linda and Dennis came to visit and we had quite a lovely time, and she bought me this tea pot, isn't it lovely?

I just couldn't pass this up. It's a bit gunky on the inside, so it will work quite nicely for my crafting endeavors and looks great in my craft area!

And no trip to a thrift store would be complete without a few vintage pillow cases! I'm thinking of making a quilt out of them.

What was I thinking? Well I was a child of the 80's- the phrase and that heart handle, I just had to!

This book is so rad! It shows how to embroider any flower under the sun. We'll see if it gets used. I found it at half priced books. At first I passed it up, but when I saw it in Michaels for $20, I decided to go back and grab it for $3

I am truly loving embroidery! I really want to get into it. You just have to click on the picture below to see just how perfect this lady's handiwork is. I'm thinking it would be cool to collect a bunch of day of the week towels and make a quilt. I just get them all dirty and ruin them if I actually use them, and I don't like having them purely for display.

Heather Bailey is by far the most talented lady ever! Look what she did! So creative! And she is featured in this months issue of Mary Engelbreits Home Companion (love that mag.) You can find more of her photos on her flickr images.

Isn't this the most darling, creative kids jacket you have ever seen? It makes lovely use of vintage linens and the crocheted edging!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Out of juice!

I had high hopes of a wonderful post. You were going to see a few steals, deals and finds. The lovely blue tea pot Linda got for me while she was here, the cute embroidered dish towel, and a funky 70's pot. I spiffied up my whole place. You were going to get a full tour. I was also going to shoot the after pics for the before and after of a lamp project. I was going to have a happy spring post with the lovely yellow daffodils that are blooming outside. Instead, unfortunately you are left with me talking about it, because sadly I am all out of batteries. All out, everywhere. No juice left, so here are some pics I took earlier. They may be replaced later with better quality photos, but here you go-

The cabinet is now filled, later, I promise.

Here you have my quickie Ikea pic frame project. So there are my bearded guys framed! My love of old buttons for fun! And it's silly, but I just put this ribbon trim over a sheet of white cardstock here for a quick fix, I was going to do some embroidery on paper, but I wanted some instant gratification. And isn't the yellow just fun? Better than the trad. black or white.

I totally copied this off of Bread and Butter. Their pic is the one on top. No worries, I'm not trying to sell it, just copied it for my own personal use. But hey they're selling theirs on Etsy for $75 compared to mine, $2.50 frame plus 1 hour time carefully cutting with an exacto knife and some vintage sheets I had, not bad huh? You can click on them to see them bigger. I also think it would be cool to do some seasonally, like THINK SPRING, or GOD IS LOVE. Oh I would love a new camera! But I'm ok with our battery sucker for now! You guys will just have to visit, it looks better in person!

Here is Sam's little desk area. It looks a little different now. But you can see the cool lamp!

And then here is our living room. Again, it's a little different now, and you were going to get several pictures, but it's all I have. Oh and I was going to brag and show you the just because flowers that Sam got for me, but they'll probably be dead by the time I get batteries!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Some of the "afters", sorta



Well, here is the cabinet. I just don't know. I put these patterned papers and textured papers I had inside the cabinet. It's a really fast, lazy job that I did. I was using my favorite adhesive of late-blue, poster puddy! I even ran out. Bummer! So I'm going to leave it temporary for awhile and let it sit for a few days. What d0 you think? Should the paper stay or go? And please do realize that if I do attach it permanently it will look much better and be positioned more carefully. Now that I see the close up of the picture I just don't know. The colors are a little crazy!


Here is the finished candelabra. Whaddya think? I think it's kinda spiffy. Tomorrow, (or later tonight) I might post some house pics and you will get to see where I put these projects. Our place is starting to come together. Before and after projects are so fun!