Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Little Art Corner

So I will miss my little art corner. It was finally starting to come together. I was so extremely sad about the little box I bought on Etsy that never came. It was supposed to house my acrylic paints to replace the Keen box. I still am in denial and expect to find it at my doorstep.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Moving Day

So the beautiful thing about blogging is that you can make your life look absolutely beautiful,

even if it's actually pretty shitty-d at the moment.

I can not believe in the midst of moving I have posted more in one week than I have in the last few months. I think it's my little escape. At the end of the day I like to go and look at pretty things and pretend and remember what a normal life is supposed to look like. That little vaca in bayfield was a couple months ago. If I was smart I would have saved some of those posts and sent out one a day, but I can't do that. So just in case you missed it, there were about 6 posts I did in one day. Go ahead reread, because I can't guarantee anything at the moment with this nomadic lifestyle we live. This past week I was dealing with collapsed ceilings and dead bats, and being electrocuted by my sink. When I'm up to it I'll have to recount those stories in detail. So it was time to go. Moving is always a jumble of emotions. Where are you moving, you might ask. To nowhere, moving to nowhere. We have all of our things stored away. We are currently staying at a friend of Sam's, then we might hop over to my Grandma's for a week, then stay at Mike McKinley's for October. Then, who knows. It may be a big move. So until then, it's living in suitcases. So where am I supposed to forward my mail to? It's always a dilemma when you don't have an address!

So I just picked up the last few remains from the haunted house. Oh, the memories. This is the first place that I'm not super sad to leave. I guess it's the first time we have moved out, without leaving the place. So maybe it will hit me later. I was able to buy the cool asian copper coffee table and the shelf.

Oh, so the pic on the top of the little breakfast cheery table is filled with deals! At Savers I got 8 yellow Fiestaware looking plates for $8. The little flower plates from goodwill. The orange tablecloth Savers. The vase $1, at an antique store in Bayfield. The salt and pepper five cents each at my neighbors garage sale. Have I mentioned how I love deals? The juice cups and pitcher are from another little antique store. They were my first antique purchase, the moment I realized I really like cute old stuff. The little jars are from the Rusty Gate (a little barn sale some women in Chaska throw every year selling handmade stuff) So Sam and I ate an amazing breakfast together on that cute table setting.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Double Bike Delight

We took a ferry over to Madeline Island for a day. We rented a tandem bike. That was a lot of fun! We always wanted to do that. It was a little tricky at first. Sam started out steering and I was in the back. Boy was that a mistake. I steered on the way back and it was much more smooth sailing. I'd like to think that it was because I was taller, but just maybe it had something to do with the weight! I'm sad that we didn't get a picture of both of us riding it. Literally two seconds after a woman offered to take our picture on it my camera died. We wanted to sea kayak, but we didn't have quite enough time or money, I think we want to just buy a kayak! I also made my very first altered book while I was there. It's such a fun way to keep memories from a trip. I brought a tiny box of supplies with me and I bought the book at a thrift store there. I still have to print my pictures to put in it,but it was practically finished before we even got home. I love journaling in it as I go along, journaling is the one thing that I always want to do (especially for scrapbooking) but hardly ever get to, until I completely forget all the fun little memories and it's too late!

Art Fair

Please click on these two mosaic images to view them larger. She is so talented.

It was a very hot weekend. It was nice to sneak into some shops in Bayfield to cool down. I really thought being right on Lake Superior would be an escape from the heat and the humidity. I was wrong! We went to an art fair and I got some good ideas. I bought some cool wood earrings, unfortunately I lost one of them before they ever made it home. Sad! But the guy was so nice, I'm sure he'll send me another one. There was an amazing mosaic artist. I really want to be in a tourist town on a mountain selling art. Wouldn't that be nice? Or maybe my husband and I would run an inn (I hate the word "Bed and Breakfast") Maybe we've just been watching too many Gilmore Girl episodes, but that would be cool. Oh, to dream!

More Old Town Charm

I just had to show you the beautiful garden outside of The Golden Glow Cafe. And one of the murals on the old building. This town is so happy!

Finding America Again

We found the cutest little town in that area. I felt like we found America again! We had the best breakfast at the Golden Cafe. It was a good bacon and eggs breakfast with a big fat pancake, yum! I loved the cafe. Everything about it was great. I especially loved the crocheted butterflies hanging from the ceiling! Aren't they just grand? I don't know, but I feel like corporations are taking over our country and the entrepreneurs are being stomped out. This town was great. Lots of character. The old JC Penney was what department stores used to be like. The old man at a shop told me where all the good antique stores in town were located, and what to expect at each one. We had a nice little chat. A stroll down the old downtown was great. It seems that many times the original downtown street is pretty dead, and the new strip mall down the street gets all the action. I love seeing an old, real functioning downtown. It was refreshing. That is what America looks like to me!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fun to Camp Again

It was fun to camp again. Right after our summer of camping, some of our friends all went to the Boundary Waters together. The Boundary Waters is always great, don't get me wrong, but I was all camped out. I was sick of working to get my water, no showers, no toilets, the charm had warn off. After that experience I was afraid that camping would never quite be the same for me. So it was great to enjoy it again! We even got to camp for free, no one ever came to pick up money and there was no place to leave any. It was a primitive site, very beautiful right on Lake Superior called LaPointe DeTour. We had our own private swimming area. It was so very relaxing. Sam and I had a great time walking along the water, climbing over the giant rocks. I always filled my pockets with rocks, and then proceeded to weigh Sam's down! I'm turning into my dad!

On the way to Bayfield

So we went to Madeline Island for a small vacation this summer. It was nice to get away. The first night we stayed in a cheap motel along the way. Sam and I like to find cheap dumpy (well dumpy isn't the goal) but cheap little motels. That's always entertaining, he he! My family never really stayed in these types of places when I was younger. But if you're just sleeping there, who cares? Don't you love the coffee maker get up they have going? And the great 80's decor?

Weekend in Mankato

Here are my cute friends playing music at Kim and Kyle's NEW HOUSE! People who play music are so sexy, aren't they? My husband is in the green shirt on bass, Elizabeth is rocking on the harp- how awesome is that? Kyle and TJ are on the guitar. What's crazy about these guys is that they all play several different instruments. They had so much fun jamming. We had a great time visiting and checking out the new house they just built. And Kim has already decorated it so cute! Of course we had to check out an antique store while I was there. I got this awesome green bowl, some cool rings, a MN pin for my bag, and a letterpress drawer, and a couple pieces of glass fruit. Great finds for great prices. Kim had to pull me away, good thing she did, I don't know what I would have come home with! I would post pics, but I'm not at home now. I'll explain why shortly!