Thursday, June 7, 2012

Farm Chicks 2012

Hello all!  I wanted to pop in and say a big thank you to everyone who shopped at The Farm Chicks last weekend.  I had great fun.  This year I really played with shapes and color and decided to tackle bigger pieces.  It was fun seeing some familiar faces and meeting new friends.  I have the best time at this show, I love all the kindred spirits all around me.

Apologies for being so absent around here lately.  If you want some more recent updates you can follow me on instagram- beccalux.  I am in love and obsessed with instagram!  I also update the photos to my flickr page.

I have to thank my amazing friends.  I have the best friends, I kept repeating that to Sam all week.  Friends who call and ask what time they can pick my daughter up to babysit her, friends who deliver Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Pepsi's, friends who had homemade pizza dough and all the fixings and salad all ready to go for me.  Friends who helped me paint.  Friends who gave encouraging phone calls and texts to get me through my emotional highs and lows.  Friends who helped set up and tear down for me.  Friends to party with and sip margarita's with when it was all said and done.  I love my friends!

I'm hoping to get some before and after pictures up here on some of my big furniture pieces.  I really went a different route and did primarily big pieces.  In true Becca form, most of those pieces were done in the last two weeks.  I thrive under pressure.  I am a procrastinator.  I had a good time painting and sewing this year.  

 I completely reworked this chair.  It was in pretty sad shape when I began.  I completely reupholstered this from scratch.  My friend Court sanded her down, my husband stained it.  I made the cushions after a few late night sewing sessions!  We also put in new webbing.  It was a labor of love, but worth it!

 I think my favorite pieces were the houndstooth side table and the blue chevron table.  I will post more pictures of those.  They were painstaking, but unique and cool.

 This sink weighs about 300 pounds and is a beast!  Two grown men had to muscle it over here.

 I have to thank my friend Court for the orange velvet chair.  Sam called it the throne.  I was sad to take it out of my house.  Court had to do some serious convincing for me to buy this one Saturday morning from a nice guy on craigslist.  I wasn't so sure about the color.  Yes, that's right I was second guessing orange velvet, can you believe it.? Of course she was right, and at least I can enjoy this babies twin at her house.  She has it's pair in her living room.  This one went home to a girl who appreciated it's beauty.  It's always fun sending these off to their new homes.  It's the fun part.  I only wish I got to see pictures.
My lovely husband Sam.  He's always amazing and helps me in every way possible.  He does most of the finishing coats on our furniture.  He's my quality control man.  He is a pro at moving and packing a trailer.  We just celebrated our 7th anniversary.  I love this guy, he is the best.