Monday, October 18, 2010

New Place

Well, my friend kept telling me to get off the beach... (I was on the beach on my last post) well I wish I've been on the beach this whole time. That wasn't quite the case. I've missed blogging. So much has happened, it's so hard to know where to pick up again. I still don't have internet at my place, but I'm hoping to start blogging regularly again.

I was waiting to blog so that I could say we bought a house. I was going to wait until everything was final and for sure. But life doesn't always go the way you think it's going to. But things happened. We were supposed to close on Friday- but something is weird with the zoning- so we have to wait for the city to change it. So in the mean time we have moved in. I figured I can't wait any longer to share this with you. Hopefully within the next two months the city will change things and we will own it.

It's a duplex. We will be renting out the downstairs. (People are renting it out right now, so we have neighbors) and we are living upstairs.

I am sharing this one spot in our living room with you. It is the one spot that is finished and cozy. The rest of the place is a bit of a disaster. It's nice to have one spot feel homey. We went a little crazy picking the pumpkins this year. I will share the pumpkin post later this week.

I am 36 weeks pregnant, I can't believe that the baby will almost be here. I was freaking out before, but I think it's ok now. Sure, an extra month to get ready would be good. But it will work out. Everyone seems to tell me at the end that they are just dying to have the baby and that the time goes by so slowly. Well- maybe I haven't quite reached that point but I don't feel that way. Time could slow down. I have a dozen projects I want to finish before this baby arrives! I feel really good.

I'm at the laundromat right now. Yes- no washer and dryer! It's good and bad. I can get online and blog, I can get all the laundry done at once. It's going to be tricky to do cloth diapers though. Hopefully we will get one soon.

I am busy this week wrapping up the decorating projects for my friends wedding. Hopefully I'll have some diy wedding posts coming up. It's so fun to plan for a fall wedding. It's my favorite time of year. So many fun decorating options. The wedding is this Saturday.

And then I would like to start sewing some baby things. Alrighty, well that catches you up a little bit.