Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wedding craziness

It's been incredibly crazy the last few weeks. It's finally starting to settle down. So I just had to focus on one task at a time, or my head would explode! So we stayed with T.J. for about a month, but since he was getting married we had to move out. One night was spent at an awful, dirty, icky, motel. The next two nights we stayed at a better place with a pool, so I could swim off my stress. I've never had so much anxiety in my life. So we moved every other night. Then we stayed at a cabin Sam's parents rented on Lake Wissota. I had a major meltdown that afternoon. I was planning on possibly making the wedding cake for TJ and Andrea there. When I saw it I knew that wasn't going to happen. I'm surprised I lasted that long. I had kept all the stress in, until that afternoon. So plan B. My wonderful Grandma let me use her apartment. The reason I didn't use her apartment in the first place was because the oven in her place is unreliable. She arranged for me to use June's oven (downstairs right below my Grandma's place) I also had an empty refrigerator to use in their meeting room. Of course this meant mad triangles from my Grandma's, to June's, to the refrigerator. I had everyone in that complex wondering what was going on with that crazy girl who had cakes in her hand running down the halls. Grocery store- to Michaels- to my grandma's- to the rehearsal dinner. Thursday and Friday was a baking blur! That was the most down to the wire cake. I didn't know if it would get done in time. Luckily my sister Heidi aka stylist/sous chef came to my rescue. Sam is usually my little cake buddy, but he was busy with best man duties. So Heidi came with an outfit for me, complete with shoe selection and a bag(well she forgot the bag, but that's ok) We rushed to the reception site and then to the wedding, just in the nick of time to see Andrea walk down the aisle. phew!