Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Leaf Coasters

I am really happy with the way these coasters turned out. I decided to add the leaf after I turned them right side out, which makes them reversible.

On a completely different note, I am getting back into yoga and it feels so good! I have terrible posture and the yoga helps prevent getting headaches. I'm finally falling into a routine at our new place which feels nice. Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Farm Fresh

Farm fresh eggs are so pretty with the rainbow of pale blue, white and brown. Love them.

I found the blog Something I Made. It is such a great diy blog brimming with inspiration and how to's galore. Cathe is so generous, so many freebies! Check it out.

Monday, September 21, 2009

To The Farm

What is it about the country? It's so peaceful and pretty. We went to the Two Women Barn Bazaar yesterday. It was fun to walk around and enjoy some music and some nice fall weather. There were some great vendors and it was all set up so nicely.

I really wanted to get this dress, but my mind thinks I'm a better sewer than I actually am. It was huge and I would never get around to actually figuring out how to alter it to fit me. It was so pretty.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The $15 Bell Pepper

I told you I would share my gardening. Here it is. A few herbs and a pepper. The pepper is so tiny! I got this great little green pot just for it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Halloween Banner

Here are a few halloween banners I made. I think I'll do a few more too. I had so much fun making these. I've been saving cereal boxes, so I cut those out and used spray adhesive to attach the scrapbook paper to them. Check out my shop to see what else I've been up to!
I thought I'd give you a little glimpse into our home, you can see part of that awesome view, I'll share more pics soon!

This thing was a beast to take a photo of. I spent way too much time and got really frustrated!
Have a great weekend everyone! Hope you get outside and enjoy it!

Glitter ATC Swap

It was so fun to receive all the glitter ATC's in the mail yesterday. This was my first ATC swap. I'm doing the halloween one too. I have been in the Halloween spirit making some banners for my etsy shop. The theme was glitter, and it pushed me out of my comfort zone, I'm not a big glitter person. I had so much fun doing it though! It was quite messy and fun. Thank you ladies for all of your cards, I absolutely love all of them!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall Centerpiece

This seemed so cool in my head, and yet I feel like it turned out mom-ish. I thought stitching around the edges would make it more hip. I'm not so sure. This is supposed to be a little table runner you can place your centerpiece on. I have one more idea in my head. (You know my new philosophy- yes I'm going to make it. I'm not giving up.)

Finally, I'm feeling brave enough to list some things on etsy that I've made. I really would rather be selling stuff I make, but really it's so much easier to sell vintage items. My feelings don't get hurt if some vintage item doesn't sell because I wasn't responsible for making it. But the whole point is to sell handmade. I'm feeling like I'm kinda getting a sense of my style.

I'm also learning while designing and making things that it takes 3 takes to perfect something. This is really hard to deal with. I want it to be just right the first time. But now I just kinda accept that if it's a new idea it takes a few takes.

On another note, I'm really wanting to say some bad words because I shelled out a lot of money to get the lens cleaned on my camera and now I see a little black spot on that first picture- argh! I've been really good with putting my camera away and keeping it clean. So maddening!

I have more to share tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Wreath

I just made this wreath which was inspired by Katie Runnels awesome wreaths. You have to check them out. I had this ugly yarn scarf that I made at this Girl's night Out thing I went to with my mom in MN. We had fun making it, but agreed when it was all said and done that we probably wouldn't wear them in public. As soon as I saw one of Katie's wreaths I knew I could do something like that with it. It's just styrofoam wrapped with the yarn. The reason the picture is taken on grass is because when I finished it and had Sam hold it up by the ribbon on the door it fell and broke in 3 places! I fixed it, but I'm not brave enough to hang it yet. Hopefully a nicer picture of it hanging properly will replace this, but I just wanted to share right away. I have another one that is completely different that I'm working on right now.

I decided to just start going for things. Even if they don't turn out perfect, if it's in my head, it must be made- good or bad.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I know, I can't help it, I'm obsessed with the farmers market. I just can't help myself. These pictures just make me so happy. You will be seeing a lot more oranges and reds around here. Fall is my favorite time, and the warm earthy autumn colors are my favorite. I have so much to share. The heirloom tomatoes are almost too pretty to eat! I already bought some pumpkins and have been baking, oh this is a good season!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Greenbluff Mosaic

I wanted to make a mosaic with these. I am having trouble figuring out using bighugelabs. I saved it on my computer vs. using the share button or html code they give you.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Farmers Market Bounty

All of these veggies went into some yummy salsa. Throw in a nectarine or peach the next time you make salsa, and a cob of corn- it's a yummy addition.
This pizza was topped with everything from the market. We splurged and bought a smoked ham from Farmer James. It was well worth it, much more moist than the ones in the store.
Bobby Flay is my food hero. I love anything he makes. This meal of spiced rubbed chicken breast tacos with grilled poblanos, bbq onions coleslaw and guac was definitely worth the effort. I made it on a hot, hot day.
When Amy was here we watched Julie and Julia and I've had the cooking bug ever since. I had huge visions of a bountiful garden for this summer, but that didn't really happen. But I absolutely love heading to the farmers market. And I must admit, as magical as the idea of gardening is in my mind, it's much more fun to stroll to the market with a cute skirt on and pick out whatever I want. Much easier and less dirty than gardening yourself. Someday I'll have one of my own.

Tomorrow I'll share my meager gardening attempts from this year!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

How Many is Too Many?

I got new ones that replaced these. They were good to me.

As I was moving, I looked at my shoes. I have 18 total. Including flip flops, dress shoes, hiking boots, and sandals. It got me thinking and wondering how many shoes people own. I think girls need a good amount. We have to look pretty sometimes, but sometimes look pretty and be comfortable, sometimes we throw comfort out the window for pretty but painful shoes, and we still need shoes for running. I'm not really a shoe person, mainly by default because with size 11 it's hard to find many. Are you?

I think 18 is pretty good, Sam thinks it's still way too many. I don't think I could go much lower than 15. So please help, at least leave a comment to tell my husband that 18 is not that bad.

I have some work to do this morning. I have many new goodies that need to be photographed and put in my shop. It might be fun to take a photo of my shoes. Or maybe you can too, and e-mail it to me and I can add the pics to the post. I think a picture of shoes would be fun. Kinda like this book, Material World where they take the contents of people's house from around the world and put it out on the lawn to be photographed. Have you seen this book- it's so cool! I just love stuff like this. I do realize some of you have more of a life than to take pictures of your shoes- ha ha! But come on, what are blogs for?

I'm dying to know, how many shoes do you have?

Bambi in the Backyard

We really don't deserve to be living here. I just have to show you what happened yesterday while unpacking my plates. I saw this out of the corner of my eye. Is that a dog?
No, it's a deer
Hello girl! We just stopped and both stared at each other for a few minutes.

As soon as I went outside to take a better photo, I found her just calmly sitting there, looking quite placid. I could have mistaken her for a lawn ornament.
I don't know if you remember Otis [the bear], but I prefer Bambi for sure! So now you get a little taste of what you will find if you visit and sit on the back patio. We also see wild turkeys, and birds of course!

Ginger and Greenbluff

Sorry I've been MIA for so long. Will you forgive me? I couldn't decide where to start. But I thought why not start with pictures of puppies. You can never go wrong with puppies. I would love to say that little sweet Ginger is ours, but sadly it would be a lie. I guess they knew we wanted one, they let us borrow her for a while and play with her. I really could have taken her home with us.

Amy's visit was so much fun. I think I may post a few more pictures. You can see a few more here on my flickr account. We always have a great time together it went by too fast.

We have just moved. We are getting unpacked. Finally made the last trip back to the old place last night to retrieve the good old van (and unearth our compost) stinky business for sure! I am relieved. We now have internet at our new place (yay!) And I must continue to unpack. I will share pictures shortly. I would like to have a little fun this labor day. Any ideas? We are thinking maybe massages, haircuts, and a night out. We'll see.