Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I didn't post any Christmas pictures, so I thought I would share our traditional Christmas dinner. I captured everyone hard at work preparing the lefse. Our family (my mom's side) is Norwegian, so lefse is eaten on Christmas and Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I'm sharing cute photos of my grandma making the lefse and I'll share our other traditions.

Sam, the newbie hasn't quite gotten down the whole "hold in your hand while buttering technique."

We eat our lefse straight up with butter. I know some people put cinnamon and sugar on it, but that's not done around our house. Someone also told me that the toppings each family placed on the lefse had to do with how much money they had. I'm not sure if butter is the poor man's lefse or not, I must confirm this with my grandma.

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bethany said...

Oh...Lefse. I could eat lefse every day and never tire of it. (I came from a cinnamon sugar house!) :)