Thursday, April 1, 2010


We're back. Amy is back home in Denver. I will just leave you with pictures. It was an inspiring trip. We had fun creating, learning new techniques. I'll share what we made soon.

hands full of paint all weekend

3 comments: said...

i love the painty hands. so glad you girls had an awesome creative weekend.

Catherine said...

Hi Becca,
So nice to meet you at ArtFest - we were in Tracie and MaryLin's class together.
Thanks for the wonderful card - I just love all of your special details of netting, stamping, sewing, painting and extra papers.
Will tell my friends to look for you at Farm Chicks this year!
(mudbaymusings and mudbayimages on blogspot)

Aminta said...

oh! I WISH I could have gone! A bus, good friends.... ART! SIGH! Lovely times.
I am so glad that you had such a great weekend. I am so looking forward to seeing you at Farm Chicks. Have a great time getting ready!!