Tuesday, July 27, 2010


some pics from a picnic for a birthday this weekend

Lots going on, but then again not so much. It's been way too long since a big adventure and I'm craving one. Haven't been out of the country in 5 years, this makes me sad!

-My brother Andy and his FIANCE are coming today, I'm excited. Hoping to do some cherry picking and find some huckleberries if we're lucky.

-We bought a bonsai tree at a show they were having at a park. We're going to be dorks and join the bonsai club, I'm kinda excited.

-This weekend was spent mainly outside. We had a BBQ on Sat. night, it was fun.

-Friday I had a craft night here. We sat out on the front porch and played with paint. Good times, just sad that it turned into only 2 people that could make it. Forgot to take pictures.

-My mom and my sister are coming next week and I'm hoping we can go an a mini adventure then. Haven't figured out quite what yet. Montana could be fun. We'll see.

-I have to pack- again! I've been putting it off. We'll be outta here in 19 days.

-I've been taking a pre-natal yoga class at Harmony yoga. I love it, it's been great. I've also been swimming at the closest pool on some mornings. I love swimming.

-It's July 27 and we haven't gone on a single camping trip yet. This makes me sad.

-This baby will be here in about 4 months. I haven't bought anything, other than a few clothes from a garage sale. (and lets be honest- they're girl clothes and I don't even know if we're having a girl- and they're summer clothes and this baby will be born at the end of November!)

-We've been looking at houses. I never thought we'd buy a house this way and now I find myself being so normal. It's all such a big cliche- have a baby- buy a house. This bothers me! It will all be good- but a big part of me still wants to buy a pretty airstream and take off. I think it might still happen down the road. I'm determined that kids are not going to change our life style, only enhance it!

-I'm getting a massage today, it's about time.

I think that kinda covers it. I'm overwhelmed with everything, but God is good and I have faith and know that we'll get through. Who knows what the future will bring.

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ness said...

Your list made me laugh! I'm sorry I wasn't able to come to craft night-I hope you guys had fun, what did you end up making?
By the way, normal isn't so bad (at least i like to think i'm normal;)) a house is a very good thing to have when you are having a baby!