Sunday, November 25, 2007


Sam and I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. God is so amazing! Everything is going so well here we have been truly blessed. I can't believe it. The transition is pretty good. We sometimes have to work really hard, but we do have a lot of free time to spend together which has been great. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves to realize that we are here, living in a 6000 sqare foot log cabin with gorgeous mountain views! We are finding time to do the things we love. (Well, we're really working on the unpacking, but we take little breaks and we're anticipating how great it will be) We got most of the unpacking done, we rushed so that we could enjoy Thanksgiving. Cooking was a nice break from all the unpacking. I baked an apple pie on Wed. I had to get that done quickly before the group came on Wed. (I don't have an oven in our downstairs apartment.) I cooked the turkey in a big roaster oven that was here. I made everything else in a two burner plug-in makeshift stove. It worked out just fine. Sam was the photographer. Usually I'm the one who wants to take a million pics, but Sam surprisingly insisted on taking them and I had to convince him to stop or our food would be cold! We had a quiet meal, just the two of us. We had a really cool group composed of friends and family staying here at the lodge. A lot of them were young, mid to late 20's. They invited us to their Thanksgiving dinner. I had spent the day cooking, so we wouldn't have a pathetic Thanksgiving, and then these nice people invited us, so we decided to have our own meal, and then we joined them for dessert. It was so much fun. The great thing about this job is all the cool people that we are meeting. Some of the people flew here from out east- Rhode Island. We met a couple who owns a ski shop in Seattle. Another couple who lives in a houseboat who have traveled all over. I can't wait to explore the area we are in and get our place all fixed up in time for the holidays.

Sam's parents came and stayed with us on Friday night. We had a reheated thanksgiving leftover meal together! That was nice. On Sat. some relatives were visiting family and stopped by on their way to Seattle. So surprisingly, we've already had some visitors. We gladly welcome more! We can't wait to have a family get together of our own here! Soon I will post some pics of our place. I do want to do some painting, we'll see!

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So sad I missed out on making the weekend highlights. :( Now that we know how easy the 14 hour drive is, we'll be back...Promise!