Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Very Happy Birthday

So after the age of 12, usually birthdays aren't that eventful. The older you get, the less big of a deal it is. But this birthday was wonderful! Especially after last year (I was working in a bakery in target- right after Thanksgiving is the worse time, especially when you have to be there at 3:30 am) I had a wonderful day this year. It started the day before my birthday, Sam gave me a new pillow! A memory foam contoured for side sleepers! He also gave me 14 pink roses! Oh, come to think of it, I guess the fun really started 2 days before, Sam's parents came and gave me some fun napkins and things for the b&b, Katie gave me a beautiful scarf. Then on my actual birthday we celebrated! I did have to clean 4 bathrooms, but that was it! It was the first night since we've been here that we've had the place all to ourselves. So we took advantage and used the hot tub and the fireplace! I got to sneak into town and do some shopping. I got a sweet card from my grandma. A great package arrived from my parents, money for a lamp! (Which we really need, it's so dark down here!-we did get a chance to do a little shopping on our day off, I'm torn between a few that I like) And a great travel book, some scrapbooking things, and my mom made the cutest felt star ornaments. (I haven't taken a pic of those yet) So it was so relaxing, and Sam kept surprising me! He even made me the most wonderful chocolate cake. He completely surprised me and made it while I was gone! He cleverly wrote my name in red sprinkles!

He made us a great pasta dinner! And I'm totally excited to get a subscription to Cloth, Paper, Scissors. It's such a fabulous magazine. You just have to click on the image to see it larger to read what Sam wrote on the little print out he gave me to tell me about the mag.

Sam found a gift for both of us here, it's a book for keeping our appointments, it's so fancy. It's so funny, I do feel like I'm a cross between Laurelei and Suki, taking care of The Dragonfly Inn! It was such a fun birthday! So thank you everyone! I didn't think birthdays would be that fun again!

2 comments: said...

Yum. What a perfect birthday! I can't wait to see the ornaments from your mom!

Anonymous said...

Becca!!! When was your birthday??? I did not know your birthday was in November. Mine was TODAY. I was shocked to read that your birthday was recently. Happy BELATED B-Day! I am glad your day was a good one. Maybe you had a good one for the two of Ok so i created a username and password so I could leave you a message last time and now i cannot remember what it is!!