Sunday, February 10, 2008

Repainting: Before Pics

Ok, well I wanted to wait to show these to you until I had a before and after, but I will share the before anyways since some of you asked to see them. We ran out of white paint, so we got stuck! I think we are painting all of these things white. Maybe later we will paint them another color, but white is the safest choice for now.
Amy and I found this at Hope Gospel Mission

After dilliberating I decided to paint it all white after all. (That was Jenny's idea) I know, Amy will think I'm ridiculous because I was so excited to find that it was copper underneath. But it was about 5 bucks, and I want a quick fix! And I'm not even positive that it was copper.

This was another cheap thing, it's going to be all white, and then we might turn it into a lamp for my art space.

This was a dresser I found at a Salvation Army here
I really like the shape and detailing

This Hutch Sam found

And I really think it would be fun to do a collage of pretty scrapbook paper inside, behind the doors, kinda like this:

This is Pam's closet
This is Alicia's

We are also painting some red plastic milk crates white to give them a nice new appearance. So I will share the after (the best part) as soon as we finish!

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wowza, bek! i had no idea you'd picked up such gems. i'm excited to see what you do with them!