Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Bathroom

I'm very excited to have our bathroom looking spiffy. I talked a little bit about it on our Creative Juices blog. I have all pink and orange, (with a little blue and yellow thrown in for good measure) I'll just let the pictures do the talking! Enjoy! As always, you can click on the pictures to view a larger image.


Ames said...

I am in the library waiting for may mama...I thought I'd check in and see whats up in WA! I love the BR it looks great...one ? why is there a coffee pot in there??? I hope your not that addicted!
I'm excited that I get to come see it this summer!!

Ames said...

Just one more thing there better not b any candles in there that are not burning and just collecting dust!!

swell.life said...

1. Ames is right, the coffee pot is matchy matchy and all, but in your bathroom? Please tell me it's not full of coffee. :)
2. I love love love love the paint chips above your towel hangers. That picture is sublime.
3. I still heart that shower curtain
4. Amy, my BR has dust-collecting candles! Aghgh! I'm turning into you know who!!!

Becca said...

A)I like putting random things where they're not supposed to be. That way, they can be seen and enjoyed instead of hiding away in a cupboard. I also used a blue creamer for my q-tips. A white kitchen platter for my toiletries. So no, coffee pot isn't used, just admired!
B)Seriously, me, and dusty candles? I don't have any unburned ones. It is a pet peeve! No candles at all in there actually!

Down Memory Lane said...

Hey Becca! Nice Blog. When I looked at your bathroom pictures, I thought...is that a coffee pot? And then I clicked on the comments, and the main topic was "Coffee Pot"! Too funny. I guess your idea of putting random things where they are not supposed to be worked. It got us all to take notice.
It was good hearing from you on our blog. I am loving the blogging world. It is so fun trying to find things to blog about. I have all the girls talking about what to blog next.
Have a great day. We miss you.

Mom K said...

I love your bathroom ideas! And I hate to say it girls but I have been known to take a cup of coffee and a great book and relax in the tub so I think the coffee pot could be very useful. The paint chip tiles is so great, I'm thinking of trying it in my kitchen. Can't wait to see it in person in a couple of weeks. Mom K