Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Flat Stanley is Here

Flat Stanley is here for a visit from my nephew Alex. We were pretty busy the last few days. It was sunny, so we had to make the most of it.Here we are on an adventure to check out the abandoned trailer behind our cabin. We had to fight our way through the blackberries. Flat Stanley was pretty brave. I offered him some hiking boots and some other clothes, but he insisted on wearing his tie (he's a pretty classy guy)
Sam was considering fixing this up if it had potential. All it took was one glance. Flat Stanley and I looked at eachother, then at Sam, we vetoed the idea immediately. Sam is allowed some craziness, but Flat Stanley convinced me that sometimes I just have to put my foot down!

Here he is helping Sam mow the lawn.
Sam and Flat Stanley got along pretty well.

Enjoying a picnic

He really likes watermelon.

Playing with Wally

He's helping Sam dig, we've had some septic issues.
Flat Stanley is such a good helper.
He got a little intimidated by our pile of laundry though. (Don't worry Stanley, it frightens me as well)

He had everyone laughing at the wedding, he gave a heartwarming speech and congratulated the couple. He also helped me garden. And we enjoyed sitting in the hot tub. He even hiked all the way to the waterfalls! Flat Stanley can't wait to get the pictures of our hike from Amy. We'll be so sad to see him go, he's been such a great helper.


Anonymous said...

I think Flat Stanley is such a cute idea...but I really enjoy your pictures of them more! =) My fave is the one were is he is helping Sam move! Hope all is well!

Linda said...

I loved Flat Stanley! I showed all the pictures to Dennis. We both had some good chuckles. You two really showed Stanley a good time!