Thursday, June 5, 2008

True Love

Sam hiking along Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park this last Sunday

So, as the saying goes... absence makes the heart grow fonder, or as my dear husband likes to say, you'll appreciate it more. After being apart from him for 10 days I can confirm how true the cliches are! I am reminded of how great my husband is and why I love him so much.

Confession: Usually I find it obnoxious when women gush about their husbands, although sometimes I find it endearing. I try not to rub it in too much because, after all, I know I have a great guy and many women would be jealous. Although, seeing as it was our anniversary and all, I figure I'm allowed to be a little sappy!

Sam is so great. He makes me coffee. Every morning I wake up to the sound of our coffee grinder. He knows I don't like to get up early, so he gets up early, especially when we have guests who would like to have breakfast extra early. When my friends or family come to visit, he goes out of his way to do things so I can spend more time with them. For example, he cooked shrimp scampi and roasted veggies for dinner when Jess was here. And he knew my mom and I wanted coffee one morning, but we were too busy talking to go upstairs and get it ourselves, so he brought it down to us. He spent hours searching for a flight for me to go on a vacation to New York to visit my friend and used his own frequent flyer miles for it. He stayed alone at the lodge and took care of it for 10 days! He had to clean all 10 bedrooms and then some! He had to clean up after an adolescent boys baseball team. I'm sure the lodge has never been so dirty. He always helps with cleaning, he does dishes all the time. Since I'm such a food snob, he'll run to the store to get a few missing ingredients. And he thinks nothing of it, he loves doing it all just knowing it makes me happy. Now that is love!

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Linda said...

Thanks for gushing! I love him, too! and I'm thankful you two are together!