Friday, October 2, 2009


We look so young- really was this four years ago already, crazy?
I'm thinking of making a blurb book of these pics. I have hundreds and maybe 10 were printed for one little scrapbook. I don't know how photographers sift through all their photos to pick good ones. Oh- you should see the terrible ones of us in our cheap sunglasses, it's so funny how quickly things become so dated. I also realize that I'm wearing this blue fleece thing that I have worn on any trip- camping or travel for the past 5 years- it's still going strong!

Apparently if I don't blog for a week, my family thinks I'm dead- so sorry family- I'm not dead!

It has been a good week. Our church had a community dinner on Tuesday and I helped cook for it. I was nervous about cooking for a big group, it's been so long- but it all went fine. There was a group of people here helping from a bible college so it was great to all join together to get the food out on the table.

It was good talking to other young people discussing what it's like searching to figure out and discover gifts and passions. It was inspiring to see people right out of high school really want to do ministry. We agreed that it seems it doesn't matter at all what you do- there can be ministry in anything. Their program seems really interesting. They are learning about community development and intercultural leadership. They will be heading to Guatemala for a few months.

I am itching to go somewhere far far away. I would love to head back to Guatemala. I don't know what it is I'm just craving some sort of adventure- trying to figure out what that is right now. I'm finally getting my passport updated to my married name.

I did some cleaning up outside with some people at church. It's great getting to know new people. It was an awesome fall day- perfectly sunny and just enough chill in the air to warrant grabbing a sweatshirt. I do love working outside.

And I'll just throw this out there- yes the whole maternal itch thing is starting to happen. Why is that so hard for me to share with the world? Yeah, after seeing the last video I posted it probably doesn't surprise anyone. For so long I wasn't ready at all. Now I feel it doesn't matter if all the ducks aren't in a row. Hmm, was this a mistake? I will probably regret sharing that after every phone call to my sister results in "are you pregnant?" as the first words out of her mouth. She did that last year for awhile until I convinced her nothing was happening on that front! So please don't ask- I'm just sayin- I will probably have a baby before I'm 30- ok! :)

I'll be 26 next month- that's closer to 30 than 20- that's a weird feeling.

Sam has been gone for a week. Oh, I've missed him. It's really pathetic but I have trouble sleeping without him here. He's coming back tonight I think! Yay!


Anonymous said...

Jeff has been traveling a lot for work & I can't sleep without him either! I can't imagine what it would be like for you since you have been married much longer! =)You are really really used to having someone else in bed with you! =)

Jenny said...

In my defense: I did not ask you that every time, and I was always joking. That is not to say that a new little niece or nephew wouldn't be more than welcomed! But you should probably move back to the midwest so that Auntie Jenny could babysit ;)