Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Full Swing

Christmas crafting is in full swing. I have deadlines and a show only 2 weeks away. These silly tubes are apron strings waiting to be ironed. I'm trying to assembly line them. (I'm not the speediest seamstress) But it does get better in time, you know what they say.

Christmas items are starting to pop up in my etsy shop. My advent calendars are back. I'm going to have a fall sale later this week to make room for Christmas, stay tuned.

I've probably been inhaling too many spraypaint fumes. Ah, but nothing is more satisfying than turning a humdrum pale gold dresser into a playful tangy tangerine! Blue lagoon, smoked paprika, key lime and cherry red spray paint gave my drab, stale picture frames a second life. They're waiting to be turned into chalkboards, calendars, and towel holders.

Sam and I are going to work on a big set up display this weekend. I am so excited for this craft fair. I've got big dreams of a bright cheerful set up- think Heather Bailey meets Anna Marie Horner. I look forward to sharing more pictures soon!

I hope you can squeeze in a little time this week for being creative, it's so worth it! Happy Wednesday!

Is there anything you would love to see in my shop for Christmas? I'd love to hear some ideas.

1 comment:

Cowgirl said...

I like aprons and will check to see what these apron strings attach to.

Cheers, gina