Sunday, November 15, 2009

The First Real Snow

I love the shape of this tree. It reminds me of an english cottage garden.

First, I'd like to thank all of you for the kind words about my craft fair. It really meant a lot to me. Like I said, it wasn't totally a bust. I'll be reporting back a little later on a few things I have up my sleeve.

We got the first batch of snow that really stuck. I am vowing not to be a grump this winter. Sam and I got outside and took the camera along. It's the best when the snow sticks to the trees. We're only a couple hundred feet up, but it makes a difference enough for the snow to stick around awhile longer- I don't mind! Even if I never get around to learning the manual settings on my camera it won't stop me from enjoying taking photos. These are all taken just on our block. Taking pictures makes me stop and notice the simple beauty around me. Give it a try! It's a good time of year, a beautiful blend of the colorful fall colors and the more subdued muted tones of winter.


Heidi said...

wow! great pictures Becca!

Andrea said...

It really is beautiful right now, though I'm really praying we only get a few inches at a time this winter... your pictures are really good!

bethany said...

Ooo...Becca these pictures are enchanting! They make me feel a smidge better about the upcoming winter. Sometimes the beauty of it outweighs the obnoxiousness of it :)

Thanks for putting me in the holiday spirit a little early! :)

Amanda said...

Such beautiful pictures, Becca! We have only had a little snow come in this whole season-so it's nice to get into the Christmas mood!

Jenny said...

I love the new banner Bek!

Andrea said...

Hi! I love your photos. :)
I loooove your blog too, I have one too. ^^ Check it out some time?