Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm Back

I needed a nice long break from the computer. It was nice and refreshing and now I'm back for a new year.

I went to Minnesota and got to enjoy the perfect white Christmas with my fam, and now I just returned from a ski vaca to visit my bestie in Denver - (I know rough life, huh?) I'm rejuvenated and missing my friends and fam, but life will go on!

Where to begin? I think I'll start with Denver and work my way back.
Here we are at the Denver airport. I am taking pictures because I always thought it was super cool that they have a whole revolving rack just for skis. I thought it would be cool one day to pretend we're off on our Vail vacation picking up our skis. I always wanted to secretly jump inside and ride on it, like any 8 year old would!
Here is Sam giving me that look- it pretty much says it all- "Becca you're a nut for thinking it's so cool and for taking pictures, put away the camera and act like a normal adult!"
And then he just about missed them and I barely got a shot of him taking them off!
Amy picked us up and straight away we headed up to Winterpark. Here is a sad look at what all the Beetle Kill is doing to the landscape, killing all the trees.
Sam and Amy here, trying to send a Facebook message, and I was just bored and antsy (acting like an 8 year old again), soaking in all the new stuff at the resort.
Here is the new Gondola and the bus. The bus took us from our place to the ski place everyday.
None of this was here before. Intrawest (the same company that owns Whistler) bought Winterpark the year we worked there and now they dumped a ton of money into it, and it looks more like Aspen than Winterpark.
Here is the Winter Park Tennis Club. Our old place where lots of mischief happened. You could see the mountain from our place. Sunny and gorgeous.

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Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

Winter Park is my very favorite ski hill in Colorado!!