Thursday, November 18, 2010

Babies, babies, babies

Ok, I definitely have babies on the brain. I just got to hold this sweet little one day old baby yesterday! Isn't he just adorable? He was so alert and wide awake and happy.

I've been thinking a lot about this. Obviously because I'm ready to meet ours any day now- but it's been a crazy year of babies. I have friends all over this year having babies. There were four women that I help volunteer with who have had babies in the last few months. I have a friend who wanted one so badly, but it didn't look likely, and God answered our prayers and she is pregnant. I have another friend who is still suffering from complications from a birth back in August. And now just a week ago a new friend had a baby very early and the little baby girl is suffering from heart complications and fighting to stay alive. You can read more and see sweet little Ella here I've been praising God for all the miracles of these little babies. I have seen such testimonies of faith in all the people who are suffering and the pain that some have to endure. It's impossible to try to figure out God and why certain things happen but I definitely see him through it all. Please pray for all these babies and families who are experiencing crazy life changes.

I am wondering when my little baby will meet us. I'm still pretty calm and patient. Sam is so cute, he is much more anxious than me. He's always asking how I'm feeling and if I'm having any contractions. We can't wait to hold him?(Sam thinks it's a boy) or her (we'll see who is right!) We have the cutest little outfits picked out, I'm sad that one won't get used. They are adorable and we had fun picking them out. I think it's funny that my birthday falls the day after Thanksgiving this year- the same way it was the year I was born. I can't help but wonder if this little one will share my birthday- after the big meal! I'm definitely getting things crossed off of my list and it feels so good! This sweet friend took pictures of us on Sunday. I can't wait to see them, I'm so thankful she was able to squeeze them in at the last minute! Only a few more things to get done. I'm hoping to take some pictures of the handmade goodness this baby has been getting and share it.

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