Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's Day

I have so much to share.  I have been loving my iphone.  It makes it so much easier to snap quick moments.

During the day I went with my friend Courtney shopping at The Vintage Rabbit and Spencer's.  We had a good time.  I'll share some photos in a separate post on all the little treasures I've recently acquired.

Our Valentine's Day was spent scraping the vinyl paper off of our closet.  We hired someone to refinish our hardwood floors and that was the best decision.  We are doing everything else ourselves, but we were in over our heads with the floors, so we knew it would be worth it to hire a professional.  Every night we had "homework" last week to stay a step ahead of Jim (our floor guy)
my etsy order from tboo
picture stolen from Courtney from Monday's Sugar Cookie Decorating Party
Luna is into giving kisses lately and it's so sweet!  Audrey practicing being a big sister to a little one!

 I love hanging out with my friends.  The kids all had a great time decorating sugar cookies and playing the day before Valentine's day at Chelle's house.
 This is a silly little vignette I did from some rejects that never sold in my etsy shop.
Here is my little cutie!
I wanted to make a nice Lobster dinner, but since I spent the day out shopping and was totally exhausted from staying up way too late scraping- we decided on the Arby's drive thru on Valentine's day.
 Here is the closet that we finished scraping on Valentine's day.

Here we are...                                                
looking tired...
but happy...
and crazy...
laying on the floor out of exhaustion, and because I was loving the newly sanded floors, and so I could snap some before shots of the ceiling before we added texture.  I don't think I got any before shots, or during my popcorn ceiling removal.  That was a mess!
And here are our sweet little Valentine's:
Here is the dinner we ate the day after Valentine's Day, and the pretty bouquet that Sam picked up for me.  I must add that he picked out the flowers himself and got them from a florist.  I usually get grocery store flowers (not that you can ever complain about getting flowers, but these ones were a little prettier!)  I love that he knows me and knows that I love gerbera daisies and dahlias more than red roses!  And I love that he went to a florist, because they suggested adding some flowers with a nice fragrance- pretty and good smelling!

My first time trying mashed cauliflower, Sam loved it, I thought it could be better.

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