Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One Little Word: 2012: Fruit

Hello All,

It has been much too long.  I have blog posts floating in my brain waiting to be posted.  Hopefully I get the time to write them all.

I thought I'd jump right in with my word.  I wanted to do a word this year and I wanted my word to have to do with making, producing, really making what I see in my head come to life.  I wanted to be done with excuses.

I want to sew.  I want to sew gifts.  I want to make quilts.  I want to make my little girl skirts.  I want to finish the 10 half started projects I have going.

I want to doodle every day.  I want to make the kind of mixed media that is waiting to be created.  I have all the tools, now I just need to practice.

I want to make Farm Chicks be a good year.  I want to reopen my etsy shop.  (Soon, as in this week)  I want to work with Sam and build and weld items.  I want to order some fun business supplies.  I want to get organized and serious.

I want to decorate our house with meaningful things.  I want to make some pillows.  I want to support more etsy artists and buy the prints that I love.

I want to finish our downstairs and share the remodeling projects with you on this blog.  I have pictures and crazy videos!

Speaking of blogging, I want to blog so many things.  I want to catch up and do a 2010 recap.  I want to share weddings I was in this last year.  I want to share creativity posts.  I have so many and I am really excited to write them.  I want to do a big blog redesign.

I want pinterest to just be inspiring and not consuming.  I want to make happen the things I pin.

I want to send out happy mail.  I want to write real letters regularly.

I want to travel- like a big trip.  I have a 10 year high school reunion in Wisconsin that I might go to, but I would rather go to Europe again while Luna is still free to fly.  I want to visit my best friend in Hawaii. I want to seek out little towns right around me and eat lunch at a diner and thrift shop.

I ordered quite a few goodies from tboo
So my little word for 2012 is fruit.  Matthew 3:8  Bear fruit in keeping with repentence.  It is out of joy and a full happy heart that I want to make things this year.  I feel like God has filled me with these creative gifts and I am really finally understanding what that means and being ok with it.  Fruit has a lot of meaning on the surface and a bit deeper.  I love fruit, it's good and sweet and I love going outside and picking it.  So it brings a good image to mind.  I found this little blurb on a blog post and I liked what it had to say spiritually about fruit.  I like using fruit because it ties the producing and making back to God and gives Him credit and helps me remember to turn to him for strength too.  I wanted a daily visual reminder of it so I turned to etsy.  I'm looking forward to an etsy order from England.  I ordered the fruit lockets pictured up above.  Here are some other things I liked too.  I want to make a little charm bracelet.  I might order one of these and add the locket to it.
Amanda Davie mixed media and art jewelry  I really like so many of her pretty pieces.

I also thought some of these little fruit pieces were cute.  I'm a little worried because I have never gotten into jewelry making, but I'm getting the urge and think it would be so fun!


Funky Junk Antique Show said...

I love what you said and I totally relate to all of it! Wonderful perspective!=)

Cottage Mommy said...

I love this...love that you ordered those little charms as a reminder! Good word for the year!

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