Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Artful blogging

I'm very excited about the artful blogging post here.
You see, I love looking at other peoples blogs. I would love to make friends in the blogging community, but I've been very shy. So I'd like to step out and say hello today. I'd like to meet other people who enjoy making art as much as I do. So please drop a comment and say hello I'd love to be your friend and read your blog, I always love new inspiration. There is so much buzz going on about this artful blogging magazine, seeing as I love anything by Somerset I know I will have to check it out!

I decided to share some art cards that I just made. I am doing Emily Falconbridge's art card challenge. You take a deck of cards and she gives you a journal prompt for each week. A very fun little way of making art! These cards are made with acrylic paint. They are dimensional. I mixed some textured paste with acrylic paint and used some new embossing plates I bought. It's so fun and quick to play on a deck of cards. You can see some of my others here.
Click to view larger image

I really want to share with you an amazing goodwill find today. A quilt top for $7. Crazy! Can you believe that someone didn't want this? I can't imagine all the work that went into this. So I am going to learn how to sew so I can finish making this into a quilt. I think it's actually pretty old. Does anyone know? I think I can figure it out based on the patterns. I'm thinking it's from flour sacks. I also have a few other things I'll need to post soon. I wish I could quit my job and spend more time blogging. I do have a wedding cake for this weekend. So I better get cracking!


CharityinAlaska said...

Can you show a closer pic so that we can see the fabric motifs? That's usually the best clue for trying to date a quilt.

Glad to have found your blog. I'll be back. :)

BonnieRose said...

so happy to meet u, isn't blogging fun?? hugs

Renee said...

Welcome to Bloggin isnt it just the greatest. I too was super shy at first but just wait everyone is super sweet. Trust me you will love this community!

Sandy said...

The quilt looks to be '30's fabrics. Quilting was really big during that time. Depression & all. Then it kind of faded into the background until the mid '70's.

Bejeweled said...

Hello fellow artist blogger! What a wonderful art challenge you are participating in! And what a great quilt find!

michelle said...

So happy to meet you! Wow what an amazing quilting find,so happy you will give it a good home because it makes me sad to think of someone selling all that work! Blogging is so fun, so glad you overcame your shyness!

Barbara H. said...

I am still making my way through the blog party participants. Such fun!

The cards are neat. That quilted piece is am amazing find -- hard to believe someone gave it away!!