Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Art Challenge Catch Up

So I finally did the deck of cards art challenge. For now I used the journal prompts that Emily Falconbridge gave on her blog. Some weeks I may pick my own topics. I loved doing this. It is the smallest art I have done and it is fun to try new techniques. It's also very rewarding because it doesn't take too long. I still need to make a cute little case. I bought these cute Norman Rockwell winter scene pictures at an antique shop in Red Wing, MN.

#1 Something you are proud of

So this is the last card that I did last night. I wanted to do a cool image transfer but it didn't work too well the first time around and I was too tired to try again. I will redo this one, but since I stole jess and jeffs camera (thanks guys!) I have to take full advantage and post pics. I did journaling on the back.

#2 What is powerful to you?

To me this there was only one thing that came to mind. It's hard to tell by the picture, but it is written on cloud patterned paper. God is so cool, powerful and amazing!
#3 Make an I am statement

I liked this one, thought it was kinda fun. I say I'm beginning because I want to start putting into action my dreams and stuff I want to pursue. I am just now feeling really confident with decisions I make and just being comfortable with my own style. Last year was all about adventure and Sam and I did some crazy things. So those adventurous experiences give me the courage to dream big and believe in it. I'm beginning this blog! I'm beginning to make things so I can sell them. I'm beginning to be content no matter what my circumstances are. I could go on here. This I am statement can provoke a lot of soul searching!

I just painted it with acrylic paint and put some stickers on it and a label. I etched away the paint for the words

#4 A symbol you love

This was a tough one for me to think of. My mom called me her sunshine girl because I was always smiling and I liked to help her. It's a happy memory! I like the sun though! Love being outside, love feeling it on my face! I'm happier when the sun is around. And of course I made it using my favorite art medium as a child, cray pas! They are the best! So I made the sun on one side and journaled my love of cray pas on the back after i sanded it.

#5 Use some ephemera from your week

I loved this one! I love saving little things from trips to scrapbook. The problem is, I never get around to scrapping them, or I have trouble finding the things I save. Sam is working on this one with me! Sam and I had a wonderful weekend getaway to Redwing at a B&B. The sticker was on a bar of soap they gave us. Life's little Oasis was stamped on the outside of a brown paper bag that I got when I bought cute little dress notepads from a little shop. The little redwing symbol was from a business card. The colorful stuff on the bottom left is also from a business card from these artists who do awesome things with copper. Good memories!

#6 Some V-day LOVE

I had so much fun with this one. I mimicked the valentine bookmarks i made and gave to friends for this one. It's so funny, I never got around to sending out christmas cards, so why not a big Valentine letter? And I wanted to put something in it people could use. So, I made bookmarks. Sam and I love books, Sam is obsessed with them! Reading is so awesome, so my v-day love is for books!
I used a cool marbling technique for this paper. You take shaving cream (always fun to play with shaving cream) and squirt it into a disposable aluminum pan. Squirt some acrylic paints all over the place. Take a toothpick and swirl some marble designs into it. Then you push your paper onto the colored shaving cream, make sure the paper makes full contact with the shaving cream. This is where the fun messy part comes in! You take a piece of cardboard or a paintscraper and scrape the shaving cream off, to expose your pretty swirly paint! I also dug out the typewriter to type these cool reading quotes. Also used a heart punch from the one spot at target. I got in trouble this valentines day with the dollar stuff. They had stamps, stickers, letters, I couldn't resist!

#7 Shoes, everyone has a story to tell.

I don't have too much of a story to tell with me and shoes. Size 11 doesn't make that too much fun! But I do love my chaco's! They are so comfy. I don't have a shoe fetish, I have a slipper fetish! I'm going to do a future post on that.

Sam on the other hand, he has quite the story! He needed new shoes badly when we were backpacking in Europe. We spent our whole day in Switzerland finding the perfect new pair for him. We finally bought them. He still couldn't bring himself to throwing them away! He would drag around these stinky(they were BAD) holey, red shoes train to train, country to country. Something happened in Bari, Italy. He was ready to part with his beloved red shoes! I love this cute picture of him saying goodbye to his love. Sam's mom told me quite the cute stories of his love for shoes when he was little. I'll save that for another time.

So that catches me up for now! I have more to tell about my fun weekend last week, and the crafting that I've been up to. I think this is quite a long enough blog post!

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