Sunday, December 2, 2007

Advent Fun

I've been busy crafting away. Finally, "All Things Artsy" will have an artsy post. I made an advent calendar out of a muffin tin last year for my niece and nephew (filled with treats) I decided to upgrade it for grownups this year. I'll post some pictures in an upcoming post. And stay tuned- get this- I plan on posting every day for the month of December! We'll see if that happens, especially for the next few days. My friend Jess and I are totally kindred spirits because when we talked on the phone we both had the exact same idea for the advent calendar and we didn't even discuss it at all! So each day Sam and I will be doing a fun, romantic, advent activity and I will post about it each day! Yesterday Sam opened a gift. He received a clip on book light. (Luckily I had a hunch, the snow started to fall and I was filling the tin with the activities and figuring out when to do each one. And they say it Today's activity: In the meadow we can build a snowman
Boy, the kids back in the midwest would be jealous. This is the wettest, best snowman, snow ball constructing wet snow!

Here is my attempt, Sam went back out to complete the features

Weather changes fast here. Our snowman had a good, but short life! In just two days, he melted away!

Now for the lodge! We're expecting a big storm. We're talking going back to Laura Ingalls Wilder times! We have candles and water all ready to go. We have big garbage cans loaded with water for the toilets. We have charcoal for the big grill outside. That's where I may have to cook. So I may try to plan ahead and do some crockpot cooking today! There are supposed to be crazy winds- 100 mph! So it will be a lot of work if the power goes out! I don't really want it to happen, but a tiny part of me does. I always thought it would be cool to go back in time! But with 9 guests counting on us for the next 3 days, it could be tricky. We do have a generator, but it will pretty much just keep the lights on. So please pray for us that the power doesn't go out! I'll keep you posted!

A lot to do today. The guests arrive in a few hours. I want to do a little Christmas decorating before they arrive. And I want to make soup today, and maybe the pulled pork? We also have the last bit of unpacking to do. It was abandoned while I did the Advent project!

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