Sunday, March 2, 2008

Some of the "afters", sorta



Well, here is the cabinet. I just don't know. I put these patterned papers and textured papers I had inside the cabinet. It's a really fast, lazy job that I did. I was using my favorite adhesive of late-blue, poster puddy! I even ran out. Bummer! So I'm going to leave it temporary for awhile and let it sit for a few days. What d0 you think? Should the paper stay or go? And please do realize that if I do attach it permanently it will look much better and be positioned more carefully. Now that I see the close up of the picture I just don't know. The colors are a little crazy!


Here is the finished candelabra. Whaddya think? I think it's kinda spiffy. Tomorrow, (or later tonight) I might post some house pics and you will get to see where I put these projects. Our place is starting to come together. Before and after projects are so fun!


Ames said...

Looks Great! I cant believe you did all that scrubbing and then painted the candleobra (?) white! Crazy girl!

Syd said...

I love the cupboard, great idea and the little votives on the candelabra are darling.

The Bleier's said...

I like them both...I think the cabnet is a little too busy with all the paper...but it does look nice with something in there...maybe once you put things in it then it would look better...not sure! :D How are you guys doing? said...

Looks great! Here's my {honest} opinion. I love the idea of paper, but you're right, I just don't think you have the right continuity between colors/papers. Maybe try sticking to just a few colors of different patterned paper. You might like it better.

Mom K said...

I love the cabinet and the candelabra looks so much better white. I'm not sure about all the different types of paper though, it might be too distracting to the items you store in the cabinet. I think fewer patterns might be better but I love the paper backing, it adds so much interest. Mom

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