Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Where I pretend to be Pioneer Woman

As you may, or may not know I totally love The Pioneer Woman. She cracks me up, and I, being the middle child in my family (although I did not grow up on a golf course) totally identify with her. I totally felt like Ree today, so she is the inspiration for my post today. Go check her out and you'll see what I mean!

So while I was inside laboring all day making fococcia bread, Sam [or shall we call him Marlboro Man] was outside in the rain cuttin' and splittin' wood.

He asked me to join him and give him a hand.

Here you can see me on my way outside, documenting his progress

Aren't his little wood piles cute?

Isn't it just like Sam to make even a wood pile all neat and organized?
I just wish I had a picture to share of him in his Carhart overalls splitting wood. Or sitting on the tractor, maybe another day. Here I am, on my way, watching him work.

He spots me.

Now I go "help" him

I did have a rake in my hand, and ocasionally pretended to help.

Now this is the part of the blog where I would have a link and say, go make this today, right now!
Although I don't have a recipe, it's just fococcia bread. With red onions and rosemary, and sea salt on top- and don't forget the extra virgin olive oil. And as Ina Garten would say, make sure it's GOOD extra virgin olive oil!

Now here is where I delve into my past and ramble on for awhile, pretending that someone will actually listen to me. But of course the difference between Ree and myself, is that she is actually funny and writes well, and has thousands of people read her blog. And she has a good camera, and takes good pictures, and she knows what photoshop is. And Marlboro man wears wranglers, chaps, and a cowboy hat while he works his hundreds of acres of land, where my man sports a Columbia jacket and Keens while he works on the ten acre property that we don't own, but care for. Just mild differences like that.


Ames said...

Sam is amazing...what could you call him? your woolrich man? Well looks like fun working together with the one you love! The bread looks delicious and you can ship me a loaf! Today is a wet rainy day her in Madison and I intend to get as much crafting done as possible! Tonite I learn how to make a Japanese dinner!

swell.life said...

aww, don't even sell yourself short. i love to hear about your life and your dark handsome wood splitting husband. :) it is gorgeous here! we are off to the beach!