Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring is in the Air

I've been meaning to do this post in a long time. This morning was the perfect time. It's a wonderful day. I wish you could all be with me here this morning. The sun is rising and shining bright. I have blue skies surrounding the mountains today. We got up bright and early to cook breakfast for our guest. We went outside and it was so refreshing. Here are our signs of spring out in the country:

1) bullfrog loudly singing outside our door at midnight
2) spotting 4 golden eagles and 1 bald eagle soaring gracefully overhead (need to get a pic of this, theyr'e just too quick for me)
3)the flowers
4)the green grass
5)wearing sunglasses in the hottub
6)the stupid robin don't get me wrong I love birdies, but a poor little robin continues to slam into our window on a daily basis. He does this several times a day, in the morning, noon, and evening. We tried putting stuff up to scare it away, any advice? You should just see the marks on the window. And it isn't the typical body slam- thump that birds do when they don't see a window. He flutters at the window and pokes at it with it's beak, trying to get in. It's always the same window. Even if I scare him away he just runs over to the tree nearby, waits a minute and comes back and flutters and thunks for about 10 minutes. Birds are really stupid!
I just love being out here. It is so peaceful and I just hear the wonderful songs of nature all around me, no cars or other noise pollution.

I had a wonderful week with my parents visiting and I will post in the next few days the pictures of what we did and the great finds I've found. Until then, I'll be outside enjoying some of this weather!

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