Monday, August 17, 2009

A Good Week

This has been the summer of camping- quick, fun trips. This time, with a new group of friends. We found another gorgeous spot- Farragut State Park in Idaho.

~We stopped by our new place. (We're moving- details to come)

~Amy is coming tomorrow. I'm so excited for talking, crafting, thrifting, hiking and watching Julie and Julia.
~ I've been working on some projects I'm excited to share.

This week will be so fun, can't wait!


From Sunday to Monday said...

One more day of work and I am on my way! I can't wait! said...

so jealous of girlfriend week...i need a blogging buddy to see j+j!! have an amazing time!

Lesley said...

Have fun!!! and cant wait to see your new goodies!!

Boracay beach resort said...

Wow!!! I felt so jealous by looking at these photos. All of you are wearing such a very lovely smile. That's great!!!