Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meet the Artists

Here are all the pictures I took last night of all the great artists who display their work with me on Tuesdays. We have the best time chatting, laughing, and exchanging ideas.Elizabeth makes these fabulous art dolls. Each one has so much character and life. I absolutely love them. She also makes fantastic jewelry.

Joyce makes gorgeous scarves that are so soft to the touch. Joyce does it all. She raises the sheep and does the whole process of cleaning, dying, and spinning the wool.
Faith makes the best smelling handmade olive oil soap.
Jane and Tracey make the greatest things out of reclaimed materials. They make great bags, and the cutest little creatures from recycled sweaters.

Michele is the one who brought all of us together. She is a fabulous artist. She makes stunning necklaces and great mixed media art.

Carol makes nature sculptures out of wood and stone. Each piece is a stunning piece of art. This picture really doesn't do them justice. The finish on them really brings out the beauty of the wood.
Lisa makes candles with the sweetest aromas. They come packaged in glass canning jars.
Come visit us on Tuesdays from 2-7 at 1625 North Monroe Street. Look for the bright signs out front.

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Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Wow, Becca! What a great collection of crafts and creations. So it's every Tuesday? I'd love to stop by some time. Hope you're having a wonderful day!