Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Cruiser Bike

Last Saturday Sam and I spent the whole day at Pedals2People. If you're in Spokane and in need of bike this is the place to go. You can build a bike from scratch, buy a bike, or fix one that you own. John and Ryan were there, and they are the nicest, most patient guys. I walked in with this bike, not really planning on doing anything with it. When we cleaned out the church in the fall we rescued it. Sam has a hard time getting rid of any type of bike. I was maybe going to donate this bike. I wish I had a before picture because this bike was brown when we brought it in. It's nothing too special. It's a kick back brake, I haven't used one of those since I was ten. Pedals2people is awesome though. They didn't make me feel stupid, or insecure even though I knew nothing. And they weren't snobby or pretentious. They just helped us clean it up and get it ready to ride. We added the white fenders. We did all this for $20, not bad. Now all I need is a basket, and some flowers in it maybe.

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bethany said...

Ooo, she's such a beaut! I adore cruisers, and if I had a place to store one, or lived in a better 'hood, I'd think about keeping one around!

You'll look adorable wheeling around on this thing...especially once you add that little basket! :)