Monday, March 28, 2011

Appreciating a Walkable Neighborhood

I love walking on South Altamont.  The weather is getting warmer and signs of spring are cropping up everywhere.  Ok- so the view was amazing at our last place but we were confined to walking in one little loop- not so fun.  I can't wait to check out all the neighborhoods in this area.  There are some amazing old houses that are awesome.  I get so inspired after long walks.  I think taking pictures while walking is my favorite kind of photography. I think you'll see many more of these posts.  There are 16 pictures here and that isn't even all of them.   Enjoy the pics!  
 I love seeing bright pops of color peeking through from the brown and gray debris of winter.
 Can I admit that I'm secretly hoping to get to know the owner of this place.  My goal by the end of the summer is to be invited to tea in this little room.  Creepy and stalkerish- yes- but if I walk when they are doing yard work I can chat it up right?  And having a cute baby helps- doesn't it?

  I'm hoping to get some good gardening ideas from the owners of this place.
 And this is my dream place.  I also need to get to know the owners of this place.  And my agenda here is to let them know that if they ever want to sell the place they wouldn't even need to put their place on the market.  Sam and I want to turn this place into a bed and breakfast/wedding facility.  Many of these properties have two houses on their lot.  And after running a bed and breakfast I realized that it is ideal to live in your own separate house.  We could live in the other house and have the best of both worlds.  The lot is huge, which means plenty of space for gardening and chickens.  And it even has some woods in the backyard.  But they have neighbors, so it's not as lonely as the country.  This place has 10 bedrooms.  Couldn't you imagine beautiful weddings taking place here in the summer?  Of course I looked up all the stats on zillow.  Am I a complete freak?  Does anyone else do this kind of daydreaming?
 If I walk far enough, I see this great view.

 More signs of spring.
 Spotting this red trailer made me happy.  Doesn't it look cheerful?  I imagined what kind of memories were made inside of it.  It made me reminisce the happy days we spent in our van.  I also was day dreaming about more trips in our van as a family of 3.
 This place was kinda cool.  Reminded me of a Frank Lloyd Wright place.  I thought they did a good job of modernizing it.  I just love this neighborhood.  It has every style of house imaginable.
 There are big beautiful trees that make the sidewalks crack.  My shins were so bruised from the stroller jamming into them.  I am definitely thinking of investing in a jogging stroller, even if I have no plans of jogging.

Luna seems to like the walks too!


bethany said...

You are not at all a freak...I zillow the CRAP out of places that strike my fancy. I'll write down the addresses of places I pass on my drives about town and then cross my fingers that there will be extra photos on Zillow...or at least loads of juicy information waiting for me. Sometimes I feel a smidge creepy, but its all in the name of dreaming. And that makes it okay. :)

Those homes are amazing, Becca. I'm in love with the red beauty with the green tea room. Siiiiigh. That's the stuff dreams are made of. :)

P.S. I really wanted to rig my giveaway so you could FINALLY win something. But I just couldn't do it, so I'll cross my fingers that someday you win something enormous and amazing...and life finally pays back all your faithful giveaway-ing! :)

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Amazing neighborhood!! Those homes!! Reminds me a bit of our postcard=)...Love the pictures, thanks for sharing your neighborhood! Cute, cute Luna too=)

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