Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lovable Luna

At 4 months I'm loving:

*How she turns her head spontaneously and looks at me with her sparkling eyes and flashes a huge grin.
*The way she always wraps her fingers around me
*The way she chews on her thumb
*Her instincts- she just started to grab things and really hold on
*That she doesn't seem to mind 90 minute walks
*Her little giggle
*Kissing her smooth soft little head hundreds of times every day (not even exaggerating)
*She's going to be tall like me.  She's off the charts at 27 inches and quickly outgrowing the cute baby clothes
*Her somewhat regular 3 hour afternoon nap
*How she is rocking the vintage clothes
*Her ever growing bald spot
*These old lady glasses in baby size that were given to us for free from the kind lady at a thrift store on the first sunny day of the season!

* Her little arm wrapped around her dad

*These cute pajamas from grandma

* These chubby ankles
*These pictures of us

  *Her strength is growing every day. She likes to be on her tummy and can really flip!
 *Crawling into bed between these two late at night
  *Her long eyelashes
  *Her explorations and bath time swims

 *Her first piggy back ride

 *How she sleeps with her hands behind her head (She used to sleep with her fingers wrapped around her blanket.
*This face


Heidi said...

Thanks for posting the new pics! Luna is such a cutie and I think she is looking more and more like you, Becca. Also I like your hair in the up-do...very cute!

Jenny said...

Such cute pictures, it makes me wish I was there to give her cheeks a squeeze and her baldy head a kiss. I was thinking the same thing Heidi was, I think she is looking a lot like you lately Becca.

JSchaller said...

Becca, these pictures and the update are wonderful. I love the second piggy back ride picture, and Jenny's right - in that last picture I think she looks just like you!

I can't believe she's 27 inches! Greta is off the charts for length and she's 28. (Does your doc use the exclusively breastfed chart? It's different than the "normal" chart.) Keep on kissing and savoring Luna!!

Junebug Furniture and Design said...

So Adorable!

Blessings to you and your family.

XO Glad & Celia

Chantel Monet said...

You are so beautiful, Becca. I really love your hair and outfit!

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