Thursday, April 7, 2011

Little Luna

Jeff and Jessica came before Christmas.  They are very great friends of ours from high school.  They took these beautiful photos of Luna.  And of course Jessica made that beautiful headband.  Here is her tutorial if you want to make one yourself.  I know, I'm so blessed to have such sweet and talented friends!  I can't even tell you how generous Jessica has been.  She crafted so many cute little things for my little girl.  Tomorrow I'm going to share the photos they took of my family when I visited them in Minnesota.


Chantel Monet said...

Oh Becca... These are so special! Luna's little wrinkly newborn body! So sweet! I'm so glad you shared these!

Amanda said...

They take the best pictures, don't they?! I could rave about my wedding pictures all day long.

Little Luna is positively adorable in that ruffled bottom. Such a sweetheart + the perfect addition to your little family. I die over that picture of her in the pink + orange smiling away!!

Chic Mama said...

She is just beautiful!! I mean, seriously! And those ruffles?! Oh, I could just die- precious!

It was so fun meeting you (again) at Christa's shower! I actually have a question for you that I would like to email about. So if you get a chance could you shoot me an email at boldturquoise (at) gmail (dot) com? Thanks lady!