Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Quick Friday Post

*Luna had her first tooth break through yesterday- and hadn't been that upset since newborn age.  Oragel, Hyland's tablets, teething biscuits, teething toys- the only thing that worked was Tylenol.  She woke up smiling and happy today.  Let's hope that all the teeth aren't this much of a struggle

*I'm in major Spring cleaning mode and just cleared out my wardrobe and Sam did the same.  This was so needed since we share one tiny closet between the two of us and one dresser.  We're going to try to sell some at Fringe and Fray.  Oh how I love that store.  It ups Spokane's cool factor in my book.  They buy and sell Anthro type of clothes.

*I feel so stupid to admit this- but I'm starting to try out Fly Lady's cleaning tips.  Oh she's such a dork- and I feel like a cheesy mom- but I like the daily cleaning thing of focusing on one room each week.  I only look at the e-mail they send on Sunday that shows what to do on each day of the week.  I started getting the e-mails long ago when I saw it on House on Hill road and kinda made fun of it and never did it.  Now that we're living in a smaller place I'm feeling the urge to purge.

It's the first weekend in a long time that we can just chill and get some things done.  Are you doing anything fun?


JSchaller said...

I really like the Flylady system!! But I don't get the e-mails, I just read the book and tailored it to our schedule. I kind of fell off the circuit last month and am trying to get back to it now. Having a routine and a plan helps me to stay sane!

Sorry to hear about the teething troubles. Greta's got her front two on the bottom now. Hoping for a break before the top ones start to come in!

Have a good weekend! (I'll be finding my office and catching up on laundry, since there seems no end to the rain right now.)

ness said...

I am with you on feeling the need to purge-living in a small space certainly makes it hard to be a pack rat-which is a good thing I guess! :)

I'm thinking of having a garage sale in the very near future...

I was just at Fringe and Fray earlier this week-it's such a fun store and it doesn't hurt that the Rocket is right next door:)

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

I love Fringe and Fray too!...and yes, Tylenol is it=).

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