Wednesday, April 6, 2011



::I'm looking forward to a baby shower on Saturday.
::Excited for the Funky Junk Sale.  The girls throwing it are so sweet and there are awesome finds for great deals. Are you going to be there?  More details here
::Glad that friends are coming over for dinner tonight
::Can't wait to ski for free on Friday (49 has free lift tickets all week!)
::Looking forward to a party on Sunday
::Finally decided to purchase a Silhouette machine
::Glad I decided to sell my fancy phone to pay for said machine
::Thankful my little girl finally fell asleep
I had to buy that little pj- and do a coordinating photoshoot of course!

::New episode of Parenthood to watch
::Looking forward to our bible study tomorrow with my friends.  We're reading this great book
::Happy that I have yummy leftovers for lunch
::I was able to convince my mom and sis to come to my friends wedding in Denver
::I'm going to plan a getaway for next weekend.
::We finally have heard some actual news about this house we've been wanting to buy (after 5 months of waiting)
::I ran out of photo space on blogger- oops- maybe I need to buy more space
::Am waiting for the best thermos ever to arrive.  Sam and I both got one.


Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Okay, first I love your list; and how many great things were on it!
Let us know about the house; I want pics of the thermos (love, love vintage ones); and how cute is that baby in jammies!!
Thanks for the sweet nod to FJ!!

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