Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gift Guide to Buying Local in Spokane

I do love supporting local businesses and I haven't done as many posts as I would like to about them.  If you need some last minute easy gift ideas here are afew.  I've listed my favorite little spots in Spokane.  I used to not love Spokane, I just had to dig a little deeper to find the good places!  This little post would also be a good little guide to fun places to check out if you are visiting.

For the food lover:  Get a gift card to a restaurant.  Here are my favorites:  South Perry Cafe, South Perry Pizza, Luna, Madelines, Chaps

For fun little gifts head to Atticus or Ferrante's, or for pretty paper flowers go to Anemone

For vintage lovers get a gift card to Pink or The Vintage Rabbit, those are my top two Antique places for Spokane.

For coffee lovers get a gift card to The Shop, or Rocket Bakery

For someone who loves clothes Fringe and Fray is the perfect spot.  This shop is so awesome!  They have great prices and they have a great eye.  They only carry really nice and cool things.

For Green people go to Sun People Dry Goods

For the sewer we have a lot of great places, there is The Quilting Bee, The Quilting Cottage, The Top Stitch, and Sew Easy.  I love all of these shops.

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