Monday, February 26, 2007

Free Style Clothes Swapp

This weekend was so much fun! I threw a little party. I was afraid there would be a bad turnout, but we managed to cram 12 girls into my little living room. Jess helped me and she brought a yummy chocolate cake and some heart shaped bars. Amy helped me make mini cheesecakes and we had some choc. fondue with strawberries. We all brought clothes that we were sick of. We set up the clothes in my living room. We drew numbers and one by one picked out some "new clothes" I think everyone had a blast and went away with something cool. Unfortunately I don't have my little sis' pics right now of us trying on some of the reject clothes! That was the best!

My husband never ceases to amaze me. I told Amy that I mentioned a week ago that flowers would be nice for our party. As he was gone, out getting some last minute ingredients I needed, I was hoping that he would just pick some up. Amy said that he was amazing if he indeed picked up flowers that were not on the list. I said, "He can be amazing!" Of course, my sweetheart came through!

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