Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Art Challenge

Just a quickie. So I'm not late for work at the scrapbook store! I'm inspired by Emily Falconbridge. She is doing an art challenge for this year. Easy, take a deck of cards and alter it, one a week. I have her link here, it's the embers one. Check it out. I haven't done it yet, so ladies it's catch up time, do 5 now and you'll be caught up. Hopefully I'll get some on here by tonight!


ClassyChic said...

Wow, Bek. True inspiration. Love how your cards are turning out!! BTW-great pics!

creativejuices said...

Oop's I think I just created a blog trying to get a post account open...oh well I guess it can just sit there and I can post with this...whatever...anyway cool cards...I dont think I have time to try them right now but they leave me inspired!