Thursday, February 1, 2007

I did it, my first blog!

As the pile of tissues rise up around me, I wonder, will this be the day I start my blog? I spend an hour searching my favorite blogs and inspirations. I want to have my own little online store. A cozy February day in Wisconsin. Very sunny which doesn't happen all too often. I'm sitting by the window staring at the river that is still meandering, fighting to resist the freeze. Should I make Valentine treats today? Or Valentine bookmarks. Now that our place is in shape. I'm sipping some coffee bought at the organic shop around the corner. Sam had to run and get some, because we can't go a day without our coffee! Eau Claire does have cool little spots, I just need to be willing to pay to support them. So tempting to sit here all day and enjoy the sun without enduring the frigid temps. So what am I waiting for? How do I start a blog? And so it begins, I will start my blog today. To you Jessica, thanks for encouraging me!

So this was my little journal for today. I thought, what am I waiting for, well, for starters a cool name. And since none of my friends were around to consult what name I should give this, here it is, a little lame-0 I know! So now I've opened pandora's box! My apologies, I know nothing about computer stuff. I am in love with other peoples blogs, but I've just silently looked on. I love the idea of photoshop, but if i fall in love with it, it's just one more thing that I will want to do, but never get around to. So I've put off doing this because I didn't want to do it until I had the perfect name, cool pics to put on it. But I'm doing it. Please forgive me, it may take awhile for this to look cool. I can't wait till my other awesome friends join in, because it would be amazing if I type Jess or Ames, and you can click and see their cool art and ideas.

I have so many ideas for this little blog of mine. I intend on linking you to my fave bloggers and inspiration, show some little pics that make me happy. I don't know, should I put a little bio on here? My interests: all things artsy, baking, cake decorating, scrapbooking! I love making stuff and I would love to do it full time. I'm a firm believer in dreaming big and working hard to make it happen. Have a fabulous day everyone!


Ames said...

Way to go girl! I guess I will blog vicariously through you...get on it now...jazz it up!
Your inspiration!

ClassyChic said...

Yaay! Congrats on the blog establishment. Love this real-life blog and love that I know you in real life!! That pink cake on top is gorgeous. Must've been quite the affair to remember.;) Happy day, love!

ClassyChic said...

P.S. classychic=jess

FrontRangeRed said...

Lovely cake work. The fondent looks down right fabulous. For your cakes, do you charge per ounce, or per linear foot of fondent?

You've inspired me to start my scrapnanny business. I'll keep my eye on your blog for future inspiration.