Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Out of juice!

I had high hopes of a wonderful post. You were going to see a few steals, deals and finds. The lovely blue tea pot Linda got for me while she was here, the cute embroidered dish towel, and a funky 70's pot. I spiffied up my whole place. You were going to get a full tour. I was also going to shoot the after pics for the before and after of a lamp project. I was going to have a happy spring post with the lovely yellow daffodils that are blooming outside. Instead, unfortunately you are left with me talking about it, because sadly I am all out of batteries. All out, everywhere. No juice left, so here are some pics I took earlier. They may be replaced later with better quality photos, but here you go-

The cabinet is now filled, later, I promise.

Here you have my quickie Ikea pic frame project. So there are my bearded guys framed! My love of old buttons for fun! And it's silly, but I just put this ribbon trim over a sheet of white cardstock here for a quick fix, I was going to do some embroidery on paper, but I wanted some instant gratification. And isn't the yellow just fun? Better than the trad. black or white.

I totally copied this off of Bread and Butter. Their pic is the one on top. No worries, I'm not trying to sell it, just copied it for my own personal use. But hey they're selling theirs on Etsy for $75 compared to mine, $2.50 frame plus 1 hour time carefully cutting with an exacto knife and some vintage sheets I had, not bad huh? You can click on them to see them bigger. I also think it would be cool to do some seasonally, like THINK SPRING, or GOD IS LOVE. Oh I would love a new camera! But I'm ok with our battery sucker for now! You guys will just have to visit, it looks better in person!

Here is Sam's little desk area. It looks a little different now. But you can see the cool lamp!

And then here is our living room. Again, it's a little different now, and you were going to get several pictures, but it's all I have. Oh and I was going to brag and show you the just because flowers that Sam got for me, but they'll probably be dead by the time I get batteries!


swell.life said...

Looking good! I love your Ikea frame project. It turned out adorable!! Keep the ribbons in the LL frame. It's darling. And your home sweet home is fantastic!

Sheila said...

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You are so creative! I actually like your Home Sweet Home better!You can visit me at