Friday, March 14, 2008

Lamp project

Remember this?

Well, this is what I did with it:

We spray painted it white. I bought a lampshade at Ikea (I really wanted to make my own, but then I got antsy and practical, so I just bought it) and a little light kit. There was a hole through the center, so Sam had to scrape some of the plastic off, rewire and there you have it, new lamp!


Jenny said...

Becca I love the lamp. Is the base the thing you got at the hope gospel mission when you were in Eau Claire? If it is I think I said something like, "Come on Becca what are you going to do with that?" But job well done, goes to show you should never listen to my gut reaction. Also I love what you did with your white cupboard thing. I love that mix of papers you put on the back of it. Looks great, keep it up girly.

rinse*repeat said...

I can't count how many times I've picked up that lampshade at IKEA! I've never made it to the checkout with it, because I wanted to do something creative with it and just couldn't decide on something...This looks so great!

Love your blog :)I've lurked for the past few months--love your thrift store finds!