Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lots of People to see, Things to Do

I am so excited:

* Jess is coming today! We always have the best time crafting and talking! So fun, our first friend to visit the lodge!

*I'm so proud of Jess. She opened her etsy shop. Check out all the cute creations at Simply Swell

*I am going to New York next week! Yes, last minute plans. I wanted to visit my friend Beth while she's living out there. We didn't think it would work, but frequent flyer miles and my wonderful husband means I get to visit the big apple.

* We had a day of sunshine yesterday! I spent the whole day on a chair on our front porch soaking in the rays and sewing a pin cushion

* I've started knitting!

1 comment: said...

hey there knitting whiz, thanks for 1. the shout out 2. the aaamazing week 3. for comiserating with me in the car this morning. i'm a cramp-free happy camper once again!!! :) love ya!