Friday, May 30, 2008

Unique New York

I got back from a fabulous little getaway to visit my friend Elizabeth in New York. We had such a great time. New York is such a beautiful state.

We went with one of Beth's friends on a little walk on the old side of town. We checked out houses built in the 1700's. Found an abandoned warehouse. Jealously watched the crew team learn how to row, and found an amazing old school playground. You know, the kind we grew up with, pre-safety era. Complete with a spinner and 10 foot tall set of monkey bars, parallel bars, see-saws, oh it was so fun to play again! And then we found a little hippie cafe. A guy was playing guitar sitting on the bar stool, and they were selling lots of random items, cans of soup alongside bottles of shampoo amidst a pile of dusty old books. Oh how I love little hippie joints!

We headed to Lake Placid for the day, home of the 1980 Winter Olympics. I threw in a few hiking essentials, but pretty much had a backpack and the clothes on my back. We stopped into a bike shop to get the scoop on the hiking. The shop owner Brian was so nice and friendly. I still haven't decided if towns like Lake Placid make me feel good, and in shape just standing around amongst a bunch of super athletes; or just lame and fat because everyone else is out running a marathon every day. Oh I digress. Brian was great and showed us some trails we could handle. And then we just decided we would spend the night. So we found a cute motel, checked out the town a bit, and went on a rainy hike.

Impromptu adventures are fantastic, but they become comical after a rainy hike in cotton clothing! We got so dirty! Gap outlet to the rescue!

We ate supper at the Lake Placid pub and brewery. It was so great! Their beer was fantastic, and I'm not even a big beer drinker, so, so, good and fun! Had to bring some home with me!
And then we headed to the hotel for a peaceful nights rest.

Well, the adventure doesn't end here. I'm going to post more and you'll see some great pictures of the Adirondacks later. For now, I must go out and enjoy the sun while it lasts and garden (glamorous word for weeding) Have a wonderful Friday afternoon!

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Anonymous said...

very fun! i love new york! i can't wait to go back and spend more time there! =)